Helpless and Hopeless, or ‘Conscious in Play.’



Wholeness is who you are; stand undefended in the chaos, receptive to dissonance and exuberance, dancing perfectly through the conscious breakdown, presencing for attunement, being an individual, indivisible. LUV is U! (n)

Helpless and hopeless, are not that far away from ‘Conscious in play.’  Conscious play is received when chaos and complexity is allowed, acknowledged, accepted and attuned to, within & without, in ourselves and others!

Observe your own labeling of what is seen as deficiencies or opportunities.  They are all simply lenses of perceptions!

You are constantly flowing and emerging into new possibilities, created by conscious or unconscious choice in a world unknown!

And; you are constantly flowing and emerging into new possibilities, created by a conscious or unconscious heart in a world unknown!


Every moment is an opportunity to presence, to listen and  to attune to that which is indivisible in your heart and only you can do this for yourself.  Nonetheless, to become clear on what is in your heart is a process in itself.

Often, unknowingly, we edit and qualify ourselves and others to fit ideas and preferences about  what we perceive to be optimal and desirable outcomes. What we can recognize in our heart, we often doubt and disqualify, as we tend to think and feel ‘our cultured programs’ must know better.


Our mind and emotions runs infinity loops of habituated programs we have assumed since childhood.  These habituated patterns remains often unseen, as we have difficulty recognizing the core wounds that feed them.

These core wounds drive our urge and impulse to fix and improve upon ourselves, as they attempt to leverage and control perceived reality toward preferred outcomes for safety. Resistance, contractions, pain and suffering is simply reflecting where we individually and collectively edit and resist ourselves and each other. FLOW does not edit, resist, or have a preference, it just is… with what is.


Awareness, stuck in the head  is always trying to dissect reality through mental and emotional maps, ideas, concepts and beliefs of what is (about self and others), AND are cultivating an avoidance to simply presencing and being here. When we our stuck in a fixated idea of ourselves and others we are nurturing shit as we make assumptions.

It is also these core wounds that makes it difficult to presence, receive, and trust the depth and complexity within our own totality. The core wounds, unseen, obscure reality behind a veil of compulsory reactive and dull programs, clipping your wings again and again, preventing you from trusting your deepest being and soaring, here, in life as is.

The experience of sensing emptiness and longing is often expressed when the heart has been numbed out and shut down from reacting to the core wound as the contraction in the body is often unpleasant. We often choose to bypass, avoid and  and resist coming in direct contact with this pain.  This pain is a golden nugget screaming back at you from the universe within.  This is really an opportune time to attune and become responsive to all of that you are.


To become attuned and responsive to create from the wholeness remembered in your heart you must breath and presence into the being you are.  Again, no-one can do this for you, as you have the perfect view into recognizing your heart centered beingness.

When you are uncomfortable resting into your being, the thinking and feeling mechanism is a thunderstorm that rolls through your awareness that obscures the seeing of your wholeness.

As these thunderstorms pass, a clearing of natural rest within will be seen.  The wholeness in your heart will emerge by itself as you drop and release your judgments, labels, qualifications, assumptions, ideas, and beliefs of your self and others.

To become ‘Conscious in Play’ only requires that you become responsive to the wholeness emerging in you as you are. This is simply and truly being pragmatic, as it an instant alignment with the whole of the life,  with a ‘practical’ engagement and view, you must trust, but can not see.


UR the wholeness, a perfect heart, in life and the universe.

UR the mystery…. attune to your natural elation and exuberance….. one step at a time… just like a baby…

U must learn to walk, and life itself will teach you, and in time… UR doubts will drop away and you will clearly see! UR HERE ‘Conscious in Play!’

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About n h english

Natasha English is a Transpersonal / Nondual Therapist with a private practice in West Vancouver, BC. Since 2007 she has taken a psychosomatic approach to healing and personal development.
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2 Responses to Helpless and Hopeless, or ‘Conscious in Play.’

  1. Karen says:

    Thank you. Beautiful wisdom.

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