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If you believe in something you do not understand you suffer. In the process of awakening there is confusion, frustration, and doubt. Notice what is arising in immediate reality. Put your attention there. The spark of transformation is already working … Continue reading

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77% of people who commit suicide are males. What is sad is that most men hide their depression because of shame, fear, and stigmatization experienced at work, school or at home. They feel useless, helpless, profoundly sad, and alone. If … Continue reading

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2014 GLOBAL SUICIDE REPORT One person in the world dies by suicide every 40 seconds, according to the first ever comprehensive report on the issue from the World Health Organisation, which talks of a massive toll of tragic and preventable … Continue reading

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“The Malfunctioning Mammal” PTSD – PART 2

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Current research into early trauma origins reveals that untreated trauma inhibits the capacity of the nervous system to function appropriately and also significantly alters brain chemistry. The inquire I have is how does cultured trauma effect the need for stimulation,  productivity, and connection. Is it … Continue reading

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“The Malfunctioning Mammal” PTSD – At Home in the Dark

been   There is an UNSEEN GIFT in PTSD that often goes unnoticed. I discovered this gift when I began to pay attention to an energy within myself… that was frightening and that I had labelled the unbearable pit of … Continue reading

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Helpless and Hopeless, or ‘Conscious in Play.’

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Wholeness is who you are; stand undefended in the chaos, receptive to dissonance and exuberance, dancing perfectly through the conscious breakdown, presencing for attunement, being an individual, indivisible. LUV is U! (n) Helpless and hopeless, are not that far away from … Continue reading

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A Conscious Union Within and Without!

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Freefall into the beautiful wholeness seen in UR heart! Pain naturally arises when you doubt the beauty seen so you can attune and be steadfast in your vision, to inform your loving mission and flow of purpose! ‘Openly Presence’ into … Continue reading

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I choose….

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This week I have, again, witnessed this  obvious truth; that at the end of life even the greatest perceived treasures of fine things, degrees, titles, and money, so valued, esteemed, and sought after in our economic value driven society, (gathered … Continue reading

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WORKSHOP:The Role of Psychedelic Drugs in Healing Depression, Anxiety & Addiction.

We will specifically address the infamous compounds; DMT – 5 MEO DMT – LSD – IBOGAINE. These compounds are of unique interest to humanity for a number of extraordinary reasons – probably the best-known being the simple fact that they … Continue reading

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Life has always been perfect in flow as you.  The contractions and the expansions are just the ever present dance of identity on the still canvas that always is, and will always remain. You are the ocean, and the ripples … Continue reading

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