We have learned and discovered so much as a species, nonetheless it is all in vain when our habituated chase (grasping) and aversion (avoidance) is critically affecting the delicate balance in all the natural life systems we depend upon to sustainably nurture and evolve responsibly.

In my practice I see daily how early untreated trauma, that is generationally perpetuated, has created the very current movements that seeks for more and never stop to ask ”what is enough.”

The inner friction that gives rise to our sensory fluctuations feeds the busyness of mind that endlessly seeks to resolve itself from the unresolved ache and disharmony at the center of being.

This hungry ghost is in all and everyone. When we have collapsed into daily routines given by others we are unable to make the necessary corrections that brings us back into balance.

The inner disharmony and friction are there to persuade us that we are missing the golden nuggets for integration that all our lives depend upon. By turning towards our disharmony we gradually begin to resolve the barriers within that obscures the goodness available. Commit to your own process of healing and discovery .

Presence reveals true intelligence, where the relaxation into the center of being becomes available, and the Sacred in all beings are revealed.

All other activities are driven by the core wound unrealized that perpetuate the suffering in self and other. These endless preoccupations of the mind are vanities. They obscure the Sacred journey into remembrance and union.

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About n h english

Natasha English is a Transpersonal / Nondual Therapist with a private practice in West Vancouver, BC. Since 2007 she has taken a psychosomatic approach to healing and personal development.
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