A successful process is essential. Without this clarity, a commitment becomes difficult. If you suffer from depression and anxiety, frustration and anger discover the solutions that reveals the patterns and brings your life back into focus.

Our mind can fuel our addictions and negative behaviors or become a tool to our wholeness.  If you long to go beyond the narratives of your life and discover greater freedom and ease of being, I teach a “direct approach” to heal  anxiety, depression, and addiction.

This is a process of self-realization, which bypasses belief systems and self-improvement schemes. You will discover how your mind works and have the competency and understanding to notice challenges and opportunities that informs clarity of being.

The POINT Process  models simple strategies to release coping mechanisms and narratives that obstruct access to clarity and freedom. The process illuminates the unconscious patterns that limit you.

Instead of pursuing  special states you can learn to relax into your own natural state of wakeful being. This approach is based on my many years of practice and realization in the non-dual wisdom traditions.

If you feel you are at a point, that if you don’t seek out help now, things may take a turn for the worst, email me. Together we laser in on the issues,and we work through the challenges.  You will  discover the habits, conditioning, and coping mechanisms that hurts you the most. Deal with your stuff, before  it deals with you. Stop postponing. Sessions are unbiased and relaxed . Choose to empower yourself.  Send me an email , and get started.


Everyone is unique.  We are often reluctant to take a look at the areas of our lives that are challenging.  Our process deliver a solution to master the skills to see these edges of discomfort as opportunities to unlock your full potential.

Counseling and mentoring take place by Skype, phone, or email from anywhere in the world. The process is intimate and deep, no matter how many miles separate us physically. If you’re interested in working together, you can schedule an introductory chat to ask questions and get acquainted. To book appointment send an e mail or call. Please provide details of your preferable days and time. All sessions are in person or via skype.


Introductory intake session $150.00 (1 HR – Skype or in person).

5 sessions  $675.00

10 sessions  $1275.00

ABOUT  The POINT Process

There are much depth and beauty in our daily experience,  nonetheless there are many opportunities that remain unnoticed and unrealized.  We have been taught and conditioned to live on the surfaces of life, but there are so much more available to us. The Point Process  is a direct and non judgmental embodied practice  to unwind  daily habituated patterns and conditioning that  creates suffering .

These  sessions are designed to assist you better understand your connected and infinite nature.  The process creates  a simple, clear, and direct view of the physical, emotional, and mental content that drives the cause of suffering.  It also addresses the often on-going pursuit and seeking for new and novel experiences or practices to alleviate the suffering; anxiety, depression, and addiction.

These sessions gradually  reveal your reservoir of limitless potential in connection to the whole of life. You begin to connect the dots, and you realize that the spark of transformation was within you all along.

1 Response to TPP SESSIONS

  1. Daniel says:

    Hi, this is Daniel. We just started corresponding. Thank you for sharing your link, and information about what you do. I’m looking to align myself with more people like yourself. Being that I’m in the process of writing a book I’d like to meet and speak with you about possible collaboration.
    🙂 Daniel

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