Dr. Lesya Anna Adehl

Natasha was extraordinarily on point with what I needed to understand and see. She made sure to listen with compassion and empathy and then showed me a path that was gentle, yet with out a doubt, life enhancing and has allowed me to see, with great clarity, how deeply connected we all are. This has allowed me to further my own work and to go fearlessly into my future and create the life I have envisioned. She is gentle, yet confident and skilled. I can confidently recommend her work. August, 2017

Kevin C

With my lifetime of introspection and development work, it has become quite difficult to find helpful guides.  Natasha is one of the very few.  She is intimately familiar with the highs and lows of life, as well as the subtle opportunities and pitfalls of personal growth work.
Working intercontinentally via Skype, I felt seen, heard, and understood.  In fact, the depth of the process may have accelerated with Skype, as I worked within my own life, in my own surroundings.  I was shown support without coddling, guidance without force, and a very efficient “middle way”.  For anyone on the conscious path, Natasha has my highest recommendation. February 9, 2018, Austin, TX

Gregory Pieraccini

I recently completed five video call Skype sessions with Natasha English and wanted to share my personal experiences. At first I was hesitant about engaging in this sort of work via Skype as I was unsure how effective our communication would be and ultimately how beneficial without physically being there in person in the same room together. I’m happy to report that video conferencing worked beautifully and I would encourage anyone on the fence to go for it wholeheartedly!  In fact, I think it actually enhanced the whole thing. No driving through traffic or searching for a parking space and worrying about being late, I could just log on to Skype and immediately connect from the familiarity of my own home. The few technical problems that came up we quickly improvised and solved by switching to a different platform and continuing our work. Natasha was always right on time and I really appreciated that and the overall flexibility of doing the sessions this way just seemed to work. I also found it extremely convenient and beneficial as I could quietly sit and reflect immediately prior to and after our sessions. No stressing about the drive home afterward or beating rush hour traffic, I could calmly and effectively be present before, after, and during our sessions and I think that added to the quality of the entire process.

The results were fantastic and I felt a true openness and deep connection with Natasha throughout all of our time together. She opened me up to a way of liberation and being that has always been a part of me but was buried beneath years of conditioning, programming and habitual ego based thinking, searching, and analytical mind chatter. Natasha also provided several helpful practices, teachings, and strategies for me to continue this challenging work on my own. Overall I found The Point Process to be extremely straightforward, honest, engaging, and helpful and would highly recommend Natasha to anyone wanting to work through conflict or struggle on any level <3. November 22, 2017

J Whitridge

Natasha provides and creates truly safe spaces for personal examination and growth. No matter where a person’s darkness resides – silently buried, quietly lurking or ever present – Natasha can work with compassion and skill to help people transform.

She is not deeply embedded in any one ideology and does not push any agenda other than helping each individual reach their own unique potential. This is a rare attribute in the world of life coaching, therapy, etc.

Natasha does not provide answers or make decisions. She helps people build their own intuitive tools for making their own decisions and finding their own answers.

I know all of this to be true through my personal experience working with Natasha on and off for the last 3+ years. December 18, 2016

Sergey Rokhman

For the last 15 years I have participated in countless therapeutic, shamanic, and healing workshops, modalities and therapies. And I hate to speak in confabulating praise or in hyperbole of admiration about anyone in the healing and nondual circles, so rife are these latter with charlatans, spiritual-bypassers, and self-promoting narcissists. And in all that time, I have rarely encountered someone who cuts through all the BS and takes you straight to the Source of our human problems. From what I could gather about Natasha from the sessions I’ve had with her, I can say that she is not only a formidable practitioner in the nondual realms, but she is also a death-walker, a compassionate and integrated human being of the highest ilk – salt-of-the-earth, and the kind of human who serves as an example of clarity, courage, and effectiveness. Natasha seems to have integrated her knowledge of the human condition, with all of its traumas, griefs, addictions and passions into a very effective mode of communicating, reflecting, and fostering transformation through receptive and compassionate concern, through honing in, pointing out, and cutting through the bullshit of ego in a way that bypasses the various defenses of the human Spirit produced by the ego.
As both a witness and guide to the troubled souls of humanity, Natasha is, in my opinion, reflecting the next stage of human evolution, and in that way serves as an example to all of us. This is what she was for me, and I believe that practitioners like her are the future of humanity. If we do not learn to deal with our traumas, grief, aggressive, psychopathic, and destructive instincts with compassion and transformative love, we will surely not make it through this our planetary dark night. In my assessment, Natasha has all of these qualities, and she brings them into her sessions with both humanity and professionalism. To put aside my high praises and be a bit more specific, it was clear in our sessions, that she had taken the journey into the depths and the heights, been through hell and heaven, and therefore she knows her stuff at an expert level. Where other practitioners of the nondual and healing arts failed in understanding about my own wounded soul, Natasha has navigated with skill and grace. Very few indeed have been able to truly help me and Natasha has been one of these few. November 7, 2017

Martin Friesen, Contractor

I fortunately happened across Natasha over three years ago at a critical time in my life. Natasha has guided me through her Point Process with life changing results. The Point Process by no means is a quick fix or miracle cure for complex mental confusion, however a committed following of Natasha’s process has helped me achieve life changing results that  have not been  obtained through a life time of conventional type treatments. Natasha is a very compassionate, honorable and trustworthy person to confide and work with. 2016


Elias Arjan, Art Director , Benefit Auctioneer & Communications Expert

Natasha has a unique understanding of the nature of the mind, human emotions and behaviour. As a speciallist in this field myself I would say her abilities put her in the top percentile, able to inspire individuals and groups to achieve their highest potential. September 11, 2012, Elias was Natasha’s client

Durwin Foster,  Research Assistant

In my interactions with Natasha, I have appreciated the compassionate way she approaches others. She has insight into the complexity of the human condition, which she uses to help draw out the best in others. If you want a coach who blends insight with compassion, go to Natasha.

Spending time in the dark is an inevitable part of our human experience.

How we relate to this darkness can make all the difference as we begin to see what mindful messages our dark side has for us.  You can learn how to find balance and nourishment through diverse emotional states, and make peace with what is.

Come and explore a simple and direct process, if…

– you have had enough of the seemingly compulsory “keep smiling” attitude;

– you do not want to be overwhelmed, or paralyzed by the intensity of your feelings, but stand solid in the whirl;

– you want to make peace with how you feel and find nourishment in your emotions, whether they be positive or negative.

Call or Text 778 883-7817 to book your appointment.

Begin to understand you are not one with your emotions. Your emotions are visitors: they come and go. If you allow for darkness, light will naturally follow.

  • Learn to replace punishing self-blame with healing self-talk;
  • Acquire a balanced attitude towards your emotions;
  • Understand a simple mindful process that can support you in challenging times.

I offer my services for:

– individuals wanting to live effectively and authentically with their emotional ups-and-downs;

– business professionals working under a lot of stress, wanting to preserve their mental, emotional and physical health, wanting to avoid burnout.