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Our egoic identity is the greatest knot of all, as behind every fear there is an energetic knot. Our egoic sense of self is the biggest knot unseen, as it is a contraction masking as self. Everything the ego does … Continue reading

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In the midst of the many crisis felt nationally and internationally, have you asked yourself this simple question?  What will it take to reclaim paradise?  How did we get sucked into living from pay check to pay check, savoring the … Continue reading

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My observation from watching nature is that ‘Awareness’ is born into form with inherent wholeness, dignity and value. This perfection can not be achieved by improving upon an idea of an imperfect or perfect self as it is an IDEA … Continue reading

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LUV is made perfect when U & I can completely receive the magic & mystery as in ‘WHOLE HEARTEDLY ceasing our moment to experience the gift of ‘presumed separation’ as a unique self!’ All hatred is rooted in a lack … Continue reading

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Helpless and Hopeless, or ‘Conscious in Play.’

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Wholeness is who you are; stand undefended in the chaos, receptive to dissonance and exuberance, dancing perfectly through the conscious breakdown, presencing for attunement, being an individual, indivisible. LUV is U! (n) Helpless and hopeless, are not that far away from … Continue reading

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I choose….

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This week I have, again, witnessed this  obvious truth; that at the end of life even the greatest perceived treasures of fine things, degrees, titles, and money, so valued, esteemed, and sought after in our economic value driven society, (gathered … Continue reading

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‘Cold empathy’ and ‘Innate warm empathy.’

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As an emerging global culture we have become masterful at disconnection through the means of competition for survival and belonging. At the far end of the spectrum I see a clear difference between ‘cold empathy’ and ‘innate warm empathy’. Our … Continue reading

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Rarely does an animal need to confer with a concept of self before it expresses, acts and engages! Humans, however,  edits  who they are for effect to fit and position themselves in a created story of self and others. When … Continue reading

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What is LOGOS according to Heraclitus of Ephesus (c. 535 – c. 475 BCE)

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Heraclitus was a native of the Greek city Ephesus, Ionia, on the coast of Asia Minor. Little is known about his early life and education, but he regarded himself as self-taught by a process of “open ended inquiry.”  Diogenes relates … Continue reading

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REFLECTION ON RETURN TO INNOCENCE The very source of your existence is a unified field of connections. This reality is rarely seen, as the source origin, in form, ‘the character, has identified ‘itself’ by everything that has been given by … Continue reading

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