A letter of questions to the benefit of entheogens

Hopi Blue Star by Myztico Campo http://www.myzticocampo.com/

Hopi Blue Star by Myztico Campo

Hello Natasha,

I found your site after searching for ‘nonduality and entheogens’, and am deeply touched by the profundity, passion and clarity in your posts.

Question A:  However, I wanted to ask you about something that i don’t see you post much about, but apparently are experienced with, and that is the relation of entheogens to the clarity of seeing the nondual reality and to authentic living.

I have been listening to nondual and spiritual speakers for a long time, and I understand all the concepts of oneness, no-me, unity and innocence, but i must admit that i don’t think i have actually felt “it” experientially totally and fully (except in short glimpses).i feel very inspired to start on the road of opening up to the true nature of reality and learning about who i really am with the help of entheogens, to learn how to live in the truth of my genuine energy and to perceive and experience the fundamental unity of all life.

Question B:  So, if that is agreeable with you, I wanted to ask your advice Natasha, on what you think is the best way to start interacting with entheogens?

Question C:  for example, do you think it is best to ‘start slow’ (and if so, start slow with what?) or is it best to go straight into a full release dose of something that sounds very profound like the toad/5-meo-dmt?

and i should probably mention that i have never taken any entheogen before (except for smoking ganja years ago).

Question D:  or you could think of my question like this – what would be your advice to a young Natasha before she has ever experienced any entheogen? what would you advise her to start with? and in what manner?

I would really appreciate any pointer you could give me on this.

my ultimate wish is to live as authentically and holistically and with beauty as possible. so that i can be of service to the highest light. to be able to attune fully to the inner voice (the authentic inner voice of the heart, not the mind voice) and to have the courage to follow its guidance. my other wish (which is intimately related of course) is to be as clear as humanly possible on the nature of reality and the oneness of all “things” (which is till now only an intellectual concept for me).

I would sincerely be interested to hear your advice on this, if that feels right to you.

With deep thanks,



  • Answer to A:      Yes, entheogens are effective when and where the facilitators are free of belief systems and ideologies. Nonetheless, when they are not  they will seek to impart their windows into Pandoras’ box, and the natural restful spaciousness often digress into informing a more elaborate belief system and again obscures life as is.  There has to be a willingness to stand in the rawness of  un edited sensory perception… attuned to any movement * without the veil* that grasps and seeks for comfort.

    All searching, seeking, fixing is rooted in the intimate rejection of what is intimately available to all of us. Wholeness is your nature, and when awareness is able to attune to and recognize its’ essence; NATURAL REST, ‘as you are’ , Natural rest  puts an end to disconnection, confusion, and disorientation.

    The difference is dissolved through natural rest, we realize that peace and freedom are always intimate to us. This integrated approach corrects any personal beliefs that might lead people to disconnect from their physical, embodied existence.

    When we discover the possibility of resting in and experiencing ourselves as a centreless field of awareness, we are no longer the victim of our preferences. Through a process of deconstruction the thinking and feeling mechanism is revealed and understood.  When the space between thinking and feeling is clearly seen awareness is free to release subtle contractions stored in the body mind connection.

    When we are able to release and rest in awareness, we discover the present moment always takes care of itself, and that reality is our opportunity to attune  into what and who we are, but have forgotten.

    Your wholeness was never broken…and healing, what was never broken, is a misconception that is maintained by habituated unseen patterning of disbelief.

     Wholeness is seeking itself , blinded by it very own assumptions and misconceptions when life can not receive the totality of itself.  I studied many psychological framework to assist in the process of un-coling deep grief and sadness from early violation. They provided understanding…but no integration of the sensory intelligence.
    Answer to B: Understand natural rest
    Often in enthogenic communities they speak of the need for set and setting to be of the utmost importance.  What is not often recognized and emphasized is that to have the full benefit of the enthogenic medicine the necessary prep is knowing how to rest as you are. If you are unable to breath and presence into the medicine you will resist the opening of your sensory perceptions.


    To become attuned and responsive to create from the wholeness remembered in your heart you must breath and presence into the being you are.  Again, no-one can do this for you, as you have the perfect view into recognizing your heart centered beingness.

    When you are uncomfortable resting into your being, the thinking and feeling mechanism is a thunderstorm that rolls through your awareness that obscures the seeing of your wholeness.

    As these thunderstorms pass, a clearing of natural rest within will be seen.  The wholeness in your heart will emerge by itself as you drop and release your judgments, labels, qualifications, assumptions, ideas, and beliefs of your self and others.  This is simply and truly being pragmatic, as it an instant alignment with the whole of the life,  with a ‘practical’ engagement and view, you come to trust, but can not see.


    Awareness, stuck in the head  is always trying to dissect reality through mental and emotional maps, ideas, concepts and beliefs of what is (about self and others), AND are cultivating an avoidance to simply presencing and being here. When we our stuck in a fixated idea of ourselves and others we are nurturing shit as we make assumptions.

    It is also these core wounds that makes it difficult to presence, receive, and trust the depth and complexity within our own totality. The core wounds, unseen, obscure reality behind a veil of compulsory reactive and dull programs, clipping your wings again and again, preventing you from trusting your deepest being and soaring, here, in life as is.

    The experience of sensing emptiness and longing is often expressed when the heart has been numbed out and shut down from reacting to the core wound as the contraction in the body is often unpleasant. We often choose to bypass, avoid and  and resist coming in direct contact with this pain.  This pain is a golden nugget screaming back at you from the universe within.  This is really an opportune time to attune and become responsive to all of that you are.


    Entheogens are of unique interest to humanity for a number of extraordinary reasons – probably the best-known being the simple fact that they are the most powerful of the known natural and lab produced psychedelics to open up the door of perceptions to allow for sensory integration.

    When the sensory sensations are not integrated  the  psychosomatic vehicle start to disassociate and begin to fracture from a clear seeing of itself, as being ONE BEING.’

    This core disassociation breeds the sense of dissatisfaction, that creates, the urge and the impulse within that direct attention outward to become something to be enough.

    From my observation we are collectively suffering from the decease of disconnection: An emotional schismatic disconnection where we are no longer able to feel deeply for ourselves in the other! When natural sensory processing and connection is restored it is perceived as strange or magical.

    When ‘Emotional Schismatic Disconnection’ occur individual and collective numbness and fixation of being separate ensues, as the Holy Grail ‘The Sacred Heart’, and  its connected circuitry of individual and collective meridians progressively shut down.

    The majority of the compounds classified as ‘entheogens’ belong to the tryptamine family or are closely related to it, and include DMT (di-methyl- tryptamine), 5-MeO-DMT, DIPT, psilocybin, and LSD.

    While an entheogen can be entirely created (such as LSD or 2CB) or synthesized (DMT and 5-MeO-DMT) in a laboratory, and are sometimes packaged as ‘research chemicals’ (AMT, DIPT, etc), many entheogens also occur naturally and have been utilized by human beings for centuries in numerous inventive ways.

    All compounds are capable of producing intense intuitions about the sacred unity of all life, and even the trans-personal experience itself, where one actually feels the connectivity of all things and experiences a state most commonly described as Oneness.

    Answer to C:

    Every physicality is unique in sensory shut down from perceived lack of safety, pain, and violence. I rarely see that entheogens have lasting effects as the opportunity for sensory integration is rarely ever realized. I have observed that there is a lack in fundamental understanding of what the entheogens do and what they can not do, as to what is best prep, set, and setting, a process of understanding proper self assessment prior to engaging with the medicine.

    Dissonance arise from core impressions of perceived inadequacy, insufficiency , un-loveability, when being ignored and unseen in early development,  as when an impressionable and deeply sensory awareness were not sufficiently held and satiated in unconditional love, belonging and acceptance.  A clear lack of ‘essential  satiated nurture’ cripples our ability to naturally rest and receive all sensory input as is.

    Answer to D:  As I have expressed many times in my articles, any and all dissonance and anxiety are golden nuggets to attune to and resolve our core ‘wound’ dissociation, revealed in blame, labels, assumptions and judgments of self and others.

    My advisement is to find a circle of trust that can hold the necessary space to assist you in making optimal choices for yourself.


About n h english

Natasha English is a Transpersonal / Nondual Therapist with a private practice in West Vancouver, BC. Since 2007 she has taken a psychosomatic approach to healing and personal development.
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