Reclaiming Paradise Part 2

393552_10150412376422554_2020004548_nIn the past I have often gotten discouraged when I look at the predicament we are in.  We have been cultured  and educated for aggressive growth strategy. The question that has haunted me again and again, as I look at our collective current trajectory, is how can we engage ourselves in a manner that utilizes natural processes for the provision of food, water and energy in a non-disruptive way. What will it take to reclaim paradise?

I know that as the corporate sector gets on board they will begin to actively value and support the many unique and amazing people that have inspired this Aquarian  Renaissance.  Corporations will shift into cooperations for life currency. They will begin to work like terminators with local adaptation advocates to change the economic growth monster that are now literally decimating our planet for profit. We have access to a much better model that can provide a good chance of our survival.   It has been right at our fingertips.  Nature is in close harmony with the environment in every way.

We all understand that survival and well being is paramount to growing profit and products. Our current practices are driven by reckless productivity and wasteful consumption for profit.  But we are all uncertain on how our lives can be practically changed to become sustainable and better.

The forced economic growth that drives the market  is fueled by the competitive wave of production to create products and services that have and grow consumers  confidence. Our culture, corporate and green, are driven by a production  blind spot for goods and  services for profit. We collectively reinforce the collective delusion that growth in income ensures our safety and provides all essentials as we continue to work and compete for economic access.  In the capitalist market people exercised enormous power, and it helped to create and maintain social inequality.

There is a movement of people now, private, corporate, and governance,  that are recognizing that our cultured ideals of success are seriously flawed.   Many are now working diligently without financial reward because their aim is to shift the collective values to live sustainably and cooperatively. They are motivated by an inherent impersonal objective.  They see themselves as belonging to the earth rather than the earth belonging to them, and they see themselves equal to all living things, and not superior.

The question that we need to explore is how can our corporations  become cooperation  that advocates for life currency?  How can these new models of cooperation be motivated by incentives that creates access and values meaningful participation in all productivity of goods and services that are essential to nurture  individuals and grow sustainable and long lasting communities.  What does it truly look like to build and enjoy a good life together rather than material accumulation and economic entitlement. To resolve our ecological predicament we must all become involved in discovering solutions.

Far to many people are shamed, rejected, and without access and meaningful participation in the model of economic productivity. The underlying principles concerning our access and meaningful participation in producing food, energy, water, housing and other materials are those of sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Every local community must be responsible to the best of their abilities for supplying themselves with the basic necessities of food, energy and water, and for providing health and education services that nurture inherent skills and aptitudes forward from the places where they live. In our new tomorrow all people are valued and recognized as our equal throughout their lives. This will bring obvious benefits in terms of mental health and physical wellness, education, satisfying work, and involvement in governance, peace , and connected prosperity.

Holistic communities, not individuals with economic entitlement, will own and regulate  land and its resources for sustainable practices. Private ownership of land and resources will be fully replaced by cooperative ownership and numerous skill and resource divisions on the local community level.

We will tell new stories and create comedies on how  we got sucked into living from pay check to pay check, and that we thought progress was access to a mortgage that ensured a life of debt slavery  We will feel free and alive  as we have understood how our dreams are naturally aligned with our purpose.

systemA measure of our freed humanity is that our values are aligned with  inherent wholeness, dignity , and value at every level of nurture,  participation, creativity and governance.

We are  individually and collectively beginning to recognize the fatally absurd economic box  we have been conditioned to conform to from a preconscious level from birth to grave. An economic box reinforced by other cultured productivity boxes, a complex system to ensure productivity and growth disconnected from all of life.

These structures have begun to disintegrate as individuals and collectives now reclaim their life currency and sovereign birthrights. Each one of us are contributing and shaping this new reality.  We are individually discovering that all dissonance are the inherent feedback that speaks directly to our current disassociation and misalignment with natural life. We have all been caught up in the ideals of growth, production, and efficiency engineering. Corporate management and shareholders are not our enemies, they are friends and family, blaming and shaming stalls all progress. We are beginning to better understand the essential need for deepening our connection to each other and the connected tapestry  of life this beautiful planet provides us with.  Let us encourage this movement by loving action and impeccable words.  To further expand this dialogue read the below Responses to Reclaiming Paradise Part 2. 

About n h english

Natasha English is a Transpersonal / Nondual Therapist with a private practice in West Vancouver, BC. Since 2007 she has taken a psychosomatic approach to healing and personal development.
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3 Responses to Reclaiming Paradise Part 2

  1. A fascinating perspective and helpful perspective. 20 years of living in a communal environment, from age 0 to 20, where we ate together two times/day, prayed or had satsang together several times/week, and very often worked together and played together, gave me a sense of connectedness that you allude to. At the same time, abolition of private property rights in the name of collective governance did not work in the communal experiment in which my family participated for 80 life years in total. In terms of discourse, two key discourse modes of the prevailing economic system is the discourse of “action” “taking decisive action”, being “action-oriented” and also “behavior”. I think a semantic shift that would be helpful is the shift to “movement”. What creates movement in our lives? And then to shift the discourse of “productivity” to fullness. What creates a sense of fullness in our lives? Language can be powerful and these changes might help us move in the direction we want to go.

  2. n h english says:

    Re creating all lands as the commons is not about abolishing home privacy. It is about abolishing economic entitlement, reckless consumption, and debt slavery to lending institutions. Shelter, food, safety, love, belonging, and acceptance through meaningful access and free education. Your sovereign birthright is about fully acknowledging, understanding, reclaiming, restituting, and restoring these rights, as inherent wholeness, dignity, and value, to yourself and your children. This is a simple path to put an end to all actions that maintains economic usury, exclusivity, and reckless entitlement. Creative movement and collaboration are natural to all, but these inherent qualities, as aptitudes and skills, within all of us are most often rushed and co-opted by the economic models of un-examined action, driven by core wounds that seeks to self police and prove wholeness, dignity, and value . We currently have a hierarchy of people with complex ideologies and solutions that abdicate their own dissonance, un-integrated sensory feedback visible in emotional pain, by un-examined need for action. This is labelled activism, but it is not activism. It is an intellectual HOUDINI. It is these unseen intellectual Houdini complexes that maintains systemic entitlement by private and public enforcers of governance to a presumptive OVERVIEW and assumptions to active entitlement and presumptuousness over others. These agencies and their agents are taught that it is their work responsibility and duty to enforce actions to alienate, demean, and exclude, in the name of capitalistic safety and social justice. They represent nothing but old ideals of what is thought and felt to be “decisive action.” This kind of action is rooted in the old economic paradigm of fixing and managing the movements of others. They are suspicious of any structure, form or framework that is unfamiliar to their own conditioned and habituated ideals. Their dissonance is a distrust in the natural sensory systems that they do not recognize or trust. It is truly a gift when seen, as it reveals the un-integrated sensory projections within themselves. I call them natures golden nuggets that invites us to release our misconceptions and integrate. Everyone is inherently equipped for life, but humans are the one species that is doubting the seed of life within themselves, and yet assume they have a clear overview and infallible insight to all others. We create fixed structures, form, and functions around every thing within ourselves we do not trust. REAL ACTIVISM : It’s simply the powerless underpowering power in surrendering egoically to self enselfing itself via natural rest in-the-now.

  3. jacob63 says:

    A large part of our problem at the moment is that our governance is not doing its job. Governments role is to ensure that our society does not get unbalanced and self-destruct, which is pretty much what is happening right now. The economic engine is running out of control and threatens not only our society, but our ecological niche. Corporations operate within a legal and financial framework that we create. Change the rules and we can change their behaviour. But a corrupt governance is incapable of governing effectively, and that is the current situation. We have all the tools and the knowledge we need to govern effectively, to have a healthy society and a healthy relationship with our ecosystem, but no will to use them. In the absence of a mature and aware governance, the system is driving itself over a cliff.

    In response the the communal/private property issue, it seems to me that a balance must be struck between these two poles. A commons is certainly necessary, as well as the awareness that we can not truly “own” the earth that we are ourselves a part of. But it is also that each of us is entitled to be sovereign over our own bodies and to a certain amount of possessions and personal space. Not a commune, but a community. Long term successful cultures strike that balance. Our culture is still very immature. We need to cultivate wisdom and a longer term perspective.

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