You are enough ‘Born Perfect.’

When does perfection assume false imperfections?

Ego is our ‘false self identity.’

I am unlovable, incompetent, worthless, powerless, ugly, stupid, insignificant, weak, fragile, helpless, etc.; these are all impressions within our psyche that becomes inflamed when our wounds of childhood are engaged.

Can you know for sure that these impressions are wrong?   ‘God doesn’t make mistakes’ and this is about informing the understanding that you were born in perfection, but you have told yourself differently by assuming the many painful impressions of core ‘systemic invalidation’ of your being from childhood that have become the filters you view your reality through.

A friend expressed it well when he made this observation about his own process:  ‘I am noticing more and more, that my emotional life is so screwy cuz I constantly get caught up in the myriad personality and ego constructs I have, thinking that is me….. when really…. I am the awareness, stillness, peace and silence that permeate my cellular structure and everything in and around me, unified.

Birthing out of our assumed identity into authentic awareness is at times so painful and emotionally contracting, and at times almost unbearable, because so many false impressions are impregnated upon our psyche, and becomes the filters we view life through.

We have great difficulty getting a clear view of what is always here, so direct, obvious and immediately available to us.   Our wounds that ruptured us out of union of being perfect awareness has been numbed and purposely forgotten to preserve and maintain our ego ‘false self identity.’  Our ego ‘false self identity’ simply seeks to protect us from experiencing the trauma again, as it does not know better, but it certainly will have you think and feel it does and that it rules.

The question is what can you do in this process to most effectively move through it ?  The answer to it is simple and direct, but so difficult to do, as our ego ‘false self identity’ has been conditioned to assume itself as the doer, the mover and shaker, of our reality. It is the ego ‘false self identity,’ here in the role of the fixer, who perpetuate the cycle of seeking and grasping to become whole and complete, an oxymoron hiding in plain sight, as you seek to become something you have always been.

The Process is ‘simply’:

The process is ‘simply‘ to learn to rest as awareness. To rest in life as it is, and to not resist what it is, and to not make up any story of what it is, or about what the story should preferably be. The pathway to freedom is ‘simply‘ directly through presencing as awareness, and by ‘simply‘ resting, observing and releasing the process and patterns that maintains our projected illusions. There is nothing for the ego ‘false self identity’ to do or maintain!

How this mechanism of selfing that perpetuate the lie is maintained

The mechanism of ego ‘false self identity,’ selfing’, is hopelessly seeking, grasping, in desperation to secure psychological safety and well being. The ego ‘false identity’ is an artificial construct, that instantaneously formed when the soul ruptured, and it seeks to protect you from what it (ego’ false self identity’) thinks and believe is true, the lie at the core of your being, a force of contraction, that life force assumed when it adapted these false impressions as identification:   inadequate, worthless, insufficient, and unlovable

At the core is always the active lie your ego ‘false identity’ has assumed and believed is true, a core belief of inadequacy, insufficiency, and worthlessness. You are entrapped in our own ‘falsely assumed identity’  an adaptive construct of make belief and labeling, and it prevents you from clearly seeing the obvious nature of your actual reality.  What you are  is pure life force moving through matter as awareness itself. Awareness is always looking at itself, but it is lost in a projection of definitions of what it is.

There is nothing for the ego’ false self identity’ to do, that is the conundrum the ego ‘the false identity (functioning through body mind mechanism in perpetual cycle of selfing) can’t see.  The ego ‘false identity’ can’t get passed it’s own created and projected illusion of reality, as it thinks and feels it is the doer that ensures safety and well being, and therefor maintains the ego ‘false identity’ you think and feel you are.  The ego ‘false self identity’ perpetuate the very cycle it seeks to get off. It does not know how to drop into presencing as awareness as it functions to maintain reality, as ‘awareness in selfing’ you have comfortably adapted to see it.

Breathe and Rest as awareness!

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Natasha English is a Transpersonal / Nondual Therapist with a private practice in West Vancouver, BC. Since 2007 she has taken a psychosomatic approach to healing and personal development.
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