There are no deficiencies

To learn how to fully receive life is a process of unlearning.  The contractions in our body / mind points to the unknown misconceptions we have of reality.  They are layers of false impressions within our psyche that have become our truth.

There are no deficiencies in the universe.  Awareness, as you and I, are learning about itself in form. Awareness is always looking at itself, and our contractions and expansions are the invitation to release and expand.

The impulse, within awareness, is always to explore and to understand itself, and the mechanism of ‘identity’ (ID-how we create and shape personal identities from a blank canvas of awareness).   The process of ID is developmentally necessary. It is exquisitely beautiful by design.

‘The process’ that breathes us all provides an intimate and direct access to the skillset needed for healthy deconstruction of layers of impressions where we have abdicated our birthright .   By resting in free and aware, awareness itself, directly points us to the many subtle energetic feedback as the potent invitation to self correct and release the contractions stored in our energetic fields

A)         By presencing into the direct feedback of contractions we can immediately learn to release false impressions and immediately align with the integrated nature of reality as one whole awareness.

B)         By presencing into the direct feedback of expansion we have immediate access to learn about our wholeness and the integrated nature of reality as one awareness.

Resting as awareness

As the process of life is doing all of us from the inside out, we can all observe and learn how this process works.  The process invites us into resting as awareness and to receive, breathe and release life as it is, as I am and as you are.

We all live the process, aware or not aware, to better understand and to better define and tease apart the subtleties of energy in the energetic terrain, before these impressions attract signifiers (words and symbols) and become our language.  We can observe and learn how these streams move in and through us, individually and collectively, and inform our shared beingness.

How ‘the process’ of resting as awareness works;

 ‘The process’ is somatic in its essence as it is about attuning to the flow as awareness within us.   The simple presencing to flow provide us immediate and effective opportunity for attunement by simply fully receiving, breathing, and releasing the flow as it moves in and through, and as us.

Resting as awareness, attuning to the flow, and fully embodying this presence naturally provides and holds a space where there is connection, deep listening and communication with direct access and clear seeing of any stuckness and projection within the awareness itself .  It quickly reveals where we block the inherent flow of abundance, and also reveal where we are stuck in socialized and conditioned false impressions from childhood.  False impressions form patterns that feeds our misconceptions of reality.

This intimate and direct connection to being, as awareness, provides the immediate opportunity for self correction and self restitution as we become aware of these patterns. It is the direct inherent evolutionary feedback mechanism to release energetic contractions informed by false impression that feeds patterns of invalidation.  The process is a direct opportunity to align with our natural state of wholeness.

The hallway of mirrors

Reality is a hallway of mirrors that reflects back to us our wholeness and our brokenness.  It provides us the opportunity to discover the dynamic balance of opposites within ourselves, as it illuminates the parts of ourselves that are still stuck in false impressions that feed our judgments and perpetuate cycles of invalidations.  As we become aware and learn to receive life as it is, and as we are, we naturally create a space to receive others in their unique expression.

As any body / mind mechanism is a container for awareness the process of awareness entrenched in the content of identity will all be unique in the many infinite expressions of awareness in and through form.

The many simultaneous processes within awareness is a perfect expression of triple + feedback for self correction to expand and encompass into all that it is in infinite forms as and for play.  It is an inherent 3.0 economy embedded within its own evolution as and through form.

Awareness is exhausting every part of itself, within and without form, to discover itself as always integrated in a through form.  The evolutionary impulse is embedded in awareness as itself and is using all points of friction to awaken itself to the natural flow of life, and to become conscious of the habitual programmed conditioning.

As awareness becomes more conscious of these habitual frameworks it can release these false impressions it has assumed in its’ unconsciousness.  The evolutionary impulse as awareness expand and encompass more of reality as it stays present to receiving the feedback loops in reality as they are arising. Awareness becomes by the process of presencing into reality, unfiltered, aware of the many habitual unconscious programs that is immediately assumed when it moves out of being with reality as it is emerging.

The evolutionary impulse as awareness is awakening itself from the inside out, and the awareness in assumed identity will always be immediately privileged to the friction to release false assumed impressions of itself.

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About n h english

Natasha English is a Transpersonal / Nondual Therapist with a private practice in West Vancouver, BC. Since 2007 she has taken a psychosomatic approach to healing and personal development.
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