The Collective Cancer of Invalidation.

Perfection receptive of impressions

Perfection receptive of impressions

In our everyday life we engage on many  levels with family, friends, co-workers, and unfamiliar people.  Our interactions with them can teach us a lot about our selves.  These interactions are opportunities to learn where we are stuck and where we are consistently triggered by past socialization and conditioning.

In our early formative years we were in  incubators of learning.  The impressionable child, as you and I, observed and then processed all the incoming information, and then the mind synthesized all the information and attributed value to make meaning out of the immediate environment.

The challenge is that every child that arrives into this world are at the mercy of the cultural environment they are born into.  Parents and caregivers have all formed perceptions about what they think and feel  reality is.  These perceptions can be rigid or in  constant flux.   Over time these views of  parents and caretakers become known to us through their actions and expressed values, views, ideas, beliefs, and philosophies.  We learn by assembling the many impressions we daily receive by observing and experiencing the environment unfolding around us.

This is how we progressively form and develop our identities as we assemble and make meaning out of all the incoming information.  This is why it is essential for parents and caregivers to learn what it takes to create a nurturing environment for all our little ones.

We know that it is critical to ensure that or children have assured food, shelter, and safety to grow their little bodies into physical health and well being.  However, what is often not culturally understood and practiced is that every child also needs to be held in consistent love, belonging  and acceptance, as these are the very qualities that ensure healthy emotional and mental development.

When love, belonging and acceptance are not consistently modeled and assured to the growing child, and these qualities are measured, given and assured only when the child models desired behavior, a child quickly learns that they are only loveable, accepted, and only truly belong when they model the desired behavior and responses.

When a developing child is not held in unconditional love, belonging, and acceptance, until they are able to hold these qualities for themselves,  they form impressions within their psyche that they are not enough in their simple beingness.  Instead young children assume these impressions that they are not enough, and these impressions become grooves within their psyche that to be enough and be deserving of love , belonging and acceptance they have to do, be, and become something, to simply be. To be who they are , is just not enough.

Over time a pattern of desired conditional responses become entrenched within the psyche as awareness itself.   The child learns that it must follow a laid out structure, that informs a pre-conditioned form, that has a designed function  to assure the desired reward of love, belonging, and acceptance.  The child learns structure, form, function, equals desired appearances and desired pay of as reward

If you feel you are not enough, and you are consistently triggered  by your environment that serves as reminders of past conditioning of not being enough, these  painful contractions are the very opportunity to release past conditioning,  as you have always been enough, and have always been worthy of love, belonging, and acceptance.  As an adult you now have to learn to hold these qualities for yourself, and stop second guessing them as conditional qualities only.

The feedback within our environment that causes contractions, as in dissonance within , is the inherent embedded evolutionary system to listen, attune, self correct and release our false impressions that have become conditioned assumptions about reality. Assumptions that we are not enough that fuels debilitating self doubt, fear of exclusion and conditional access to meaningful participation.

When we learn to presence and listen to the inherent feedback  within our body / mind connection these triggers starts to become obvious, and we are able to see them clearly for what they are.  You have always been worthy of love, belonging and acceptance just as you are.  It is your birthright, and with birthright comes birth responsibility, to understand who you are and what you are.

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Know by Eric Gross ©

* that you were conceived in perfection.
* that you are a sacred being.
* that you never came here to prove yourself.
* that your birth is all the proof you will ever need.
* that your parents were not equipped to accept you exactly as you are.
* that, as a result, they used Fear, Manipulation and Force to mold you into the being they thought you should be.
* that you may not be able to be yourself as you truly are, for you have absorbed those projections, a belief that without them you are never enough
* that love, belonging, and acceptance is a birth right and never needs to be earned.
* that the Power that created you created the mountains and the oceans.
* that the only meaning Life possesses is for you to get in touch with your own wholeness and express and share your love and joy of that discovery
* that we live in a time where the foundations of this culture do not inherently know and practice this truth, and instead we  have come to believe our reality as segregated, and not always integrated, by nurturing individual and collective fear about not being enough, and
not having enough.
* that this Fear is what makes this time unique and also provides a wonderful opportunity as well as to make it such a challenge.
* that our false identity is built on a foundation where we have been conditioned to believe we must first become something to be enough, have enough, and have worthiness
* that our false identity is built on a foundation where we have doubted and failed to accept our inherent worthiness
*that this Fear is conditioned and  passed through the generations.
* that the root of Fear is Invalidation.
* that we are healed through understanding
* that the root of Invalidation is the failure to see the inherent perfection and miracle in ourselves and hold it as a legacy of knowing for every man, woman, and child.
* that our individual and collective dissonance, visible through pain and suffering is the systemic feedback loops of opportunity to attune and better align our individual and collective choices to knowing this wholeness as unquestioned
* that together we can reverse the legacy of Invalidation.
* that this reversal arouses Authentic Compassion and Clear Seeing
of the miracle of life!

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Natasha English is a Transpersonal / Nondual Therapist with a private practice in West Vancouver, BC. Since 2007 she has taken a psychosomatic approach to healing and personal development.
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