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Life unfolds effortlessly.  Nonetheless, our visible collective disharmony  remain intact as we have forgotten to attune to our immediate feedback loops.  Our   ideologies obstruct a clear view of our integrated reality and obscure our opportunity. The beauty in nature is … Continue reading

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How is it possible that as a collective we avoid making daily eye contact with the popular practices that undermine all our critical life systems? Our blind spot is the cultured ideals of success.  We have made it a favorite sport to … Continue reading

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2014 GLOBAL SUICIDE REPORT One person in the world dies by suicide every 40 seconds, according to the first ever comprehensive report on the issue from the World Health Organisation, which talks of a massive toll of tragic and preventable … Continue reading

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I no longer see sadness, anxiety, and depression as personal events, but rather symptomatic as direct life feedback that are trivialized and stigmatized as personal. Everything is connected and such feedback are life positive as they signal larger system correction opportunities. … Continue reading

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You were once wild here, don’t let them tame you.

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A dear old friend who passed away many years ago used to point out oxymoron’s and cultured misconceptions. I loved how he was always deconstructing perceptions and turning my world upside down and out of focus.  I miss him and … Continue reading

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“The Malfunctioning Mammal” PTSD – PART 2

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Current research into early trauma origins reveals that untreated trauma inhibits the capacity of the nervous system to function appropriately and also significantly alters brain chemistry. The inquire I have is how does cultured trauma effect the need for stimulation,  productivity, and connection. Is it … Continue reading

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“The Malfunctioning Mammal” PTSD – At Home in the Dark

been   There is an UNSEEN GIFT in PTSD that often goes unnoticed. I discovered this gift when I began to pay attention to an energy within myself… that was frightening and that I had labelled the unbearable pit of … Continue reading

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Reclaiming Paradise Part 2

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In the past I have often gotten discouraged when I look at the predicament we are in.  We have been cultured  and educated for aggressive growth strategy. The question that has haunted me again and again, as I look at … Continue reading

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A letter of questions to the benefit of entheogens

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Hello Natasha, I found your site after searching for ‘nonduality and entheogens’, and am deeply touched by the profundity, passion and clarity in your posts. Question A:  However, I wanted to ask you about something that i don’t see you … Continue reading

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Rebirthing the Masculine.

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  Awake is a commitment to the rewilding every where. It is the essential attunement to the impeccable hidden harmony within us that is raw and uncensored. It is an integrated flowing life currency that has not been corrupted by … Continue reading

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