Do you find yourself on shifting sands—where the ground beneath your feet are constantly changing and throwing you off balance, and leaving you scared and defensive?

We disconnect from our emotional life when we are overwhelmed, humiliated, or perceive ourselves as insignificant, unseen, invisible, undesirable, unloveable, inadequate, unwanted and awkward.

I can help you create a supportive environment where your thoughts and emotions can be met with curiosity, interest, and acceptance.

Together we laser in on the issues,and we work through the challenges.  You will  discover the habits, conditioning, and coping mechanisms that hurts you the most.

Understand that trauma and existential angst that are not recognized and released will perpetually inform a continuous sensory movement that feeds the activities of the mind and inflames your inner critic.

The missidentification with the mind as yourself is caused by these sensory fluctuations that activates the mental end emotional busyness.

When you understand that you are not your thoughts or your emotions, you begin to notice that you have habitually identified with them.

These activities of the mind obscures and denies the immediate wholeness as it is . The mind continuously manufactures obstacles, barriers, worries, and intrusive thoughts that distract awareness, as you are right now, from witnessing the changing content that pass through.

As you begin to witness the sensory discomfort that feed your obsessive thoughts and emotions you begin to understand how to let them pass through you. In process you give up searching and pushing for resolutions, and instead accept and witness the movements within you.

You will notice that all discomfort pass through you. They are sensory fluctuations that engages the habituated mind patterns.These habitual mind patterns are like clouds passing through the space you are.

By attentively witnessing the mind and it’s activity, the mind will gradually loose momentum. The sensory discomfort and turmoil are causing a collapse into a ping pong mechanism of missidentification, where awareness identifies itself with the minds production of thoughts and emotions as itself.

The moment the collapse into thinking and feeling for possible solutions arises, the immediate opportunity for sensory integration is obscured and bypassed. It’s a problem if false identification.

Thoughts are circular and always on the move from positive to negative. Thoughts are caused by existential angst and trauma. Thoughts are agitations. You are not your thoughts or your feelings. All thoughts are informed by dualistic assumptions borrowed and given by cultured programming.

As this is gradually realized by attentively witnessing the mind, a cessation of the sensory fluctuations that fed the minds activity naturally occurs. The witness awakens to itself.

The witness no longer identifies itself with thoughts and emotions. The hungry ghost that is driven by mental and emotional chase and aversion is integrated and released. Gradually wholeness emerges as who and what you are.

Through self-awareness, we learn to embrace and trust the parts of ourselves that we experience as unsafe. We explore the maladaptive behavioral patterns and the mental and emotional narratives which we have created that contribute to our own suffering.

Come and explore a simple and direct process, if…

– you do not want to be overwhelmed, or paralyzed by the intensity of your feelings, but stand solid in the whirl. Email me for free introductory materials to get you started.

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FREEDOM ‘an intimacy of being’.


If you have collapsed into ideas, beliefs, and stories about yourself, visible in daily chase ( grasping) and aversion (avoidance) , ask ‘what is it all for’, and ask; who and what are you unknowingly disowning?

There is a clear, direct, and conscious embodiment also available to you, nonetheless this razor sharp relaxation is rarely realized.

When it is realized, a luminous emptiness emerges that coalesce into experiencing form. When it is not realized the luminosity ‘collapse into identifying with the phenomena of form as self. This is the cause of suffering.

The POINT process method is freedom from belief and disbelief, where the luminous emptiness becomes visible through a direct process of experiential acceptance and attunement to life, as you are.

As such ‘the intimate and connected life’ naturally reveals itself, and is gradually realized as a free, aware, clear, unchanged, and unborn ‘presence.’

Freedom is within your reach. Your pain and suffering are guide posts and your daily struggles are the golden nuggets unseen. Understand that the continuous mental and emotional busyness, ups and downs, you experience are informed by sensory bypassing and disassociation from trauma impact. Take charge and heal.

Email me for free introductory material. You can free yourself.

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Today many are asking these below questions;

  • Why is depression on the rise in a seemingly affluent society?
  • Why are so many suffering?
  • What dreams of success are we collectively chasing?
  • What is enough?

Our freedom is gradually realized when we understand that our individuality is given by existence. This is a freedom that is rarely seen because, as children, we are socialized to conform and repress our being to people’s expectations before we get to discover who and what we are.

This social conditioning that we have assumed as our own creates our confusion. As children we quickly learned to adapt to secure our need for attachment and belonging. Our personality gradually became informed by a structure of conditioning that were imposed by the society.

In process we get confused as we become just another sheep in the herd and effectively a cog in the wheel. We are unable to move authentically and freely. Inquire and ask yourself if you have possibly been herded into a social convenience.

Understand that you are not free until you are conscious of your true identity. The shadow work of sensory integration are the essential process for you to begin to realize who and what you are.

Your daily life is a direct opportunity to recognize the sensory fluctuations that creates your mental and emotional ups and downs where you get caught up in chase and aversion.

If you recognize this daily challenge you are not alone, but you do not need to suffer through it in the dark and on your own. The process of effective integration is significantly easier when you have a facilitator that has traveled the path and that can assist your process of discovery, release, and relaxation .

‘The Point Process’ creates a competency to life by facing these movements. This loving and practical facilitation saves you years of searching. Read the testimonials and begin your own integration work and discover the goodness and success now available to you.

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It takes a few months to establish a wakeful and aware meditation practice that becomes fluid and life supportive for an abundant life. In this space you begin to see the reoccurring sensory waves that inform habitual and conditional perceptions.

Without it, a clear and precise practice, people backslide into familiar patterning once they begin to feel a sense of grounding. Without guidance, persistence,and patience few realize the innate Sacred eternal intelligence as their very center of being.

With practice, ‘presence’, with its infinite stillness, gradually displaces all mental and emotional activity. The body is realized as self- propegating and is merely a property of nature which functions by responding to conditions. Nothing moves or acts independently and as such even experiencing ceases.

In this process you put any current anger, hurt, sadness, and self defeating habits to good use. Do not let the inner critic steal these thunderbolts of energy to feed habitual self criticism, self pity, and self loathing . Instead choose this constructive healing path available to you. This is where you will begin to see all your unconscious coping mechanisms and their subsequent bullshit outcomes that create your direct suffering.

This direct process of healing speeds up exponentially with the assistance of a loving presence that has traversed the territory. Ask for guidance to heal the cyclical trauma that maintains the habituated busyness. Vipassana is an excellent practice as it gradually clears tiredness, brain fog, and unproductive pain.

Email me for free introductory material.

Natasha 🌱

#presence #selfinquiry #mindfulness #integration #alchemy #meditation #inspiration #recovery #spiritualintegration #om #addiction #thepointprocess #mentalhealthawareness #depressionhelp #anxietyrelief #compassion #sensoryintegration #success #awakening #spiritualawakening #selfrealization #nonduality #powerofnow #stillness #theocean #balance #stepbystep #encouragement #discovery #explore #integralrecovery #aqal #tao #zen

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Part 1

Obscuration of Trauma

  • TRAUMA IS CYCLICAL. That is why you are suffering. It is surfacing to be healed. In early life when your raw awareness was informed by incomplete experiences from the absence of love and attachment it created a cyclical energetic self soothing pattern to endure the initial experiential confusion and terror. The residual affect of these initial and subsequent traumas are visible as sensory clenching, contraction, and brain fog .

  • These patterns are repeated until the underlying sensory inflammation ‘cause’( urge, impulse, and movement ) is witnessed and realized by awareness itself.  It’s a process of direct sensory examination.

As such all our early self soothing response pattern arise immediately with this preexisting conditioning , as these energetic sensory patterns (clenching, contraction and confusion) are in nano seconds interpreted as obstacles by the brain when they arise.

In ‘unrealized’ life they create a cyclical pattern of chase-grasping, aversion-avoidance , and brain fog due to the preexisting condition of these very prevailing energy fields that are still maintained by these incomplete experiences and affecting sleep, dream, and waking states.

Nothing in the universe happens by chance or accident. The universe is a coherent concurrence one interaction of innumerable conditions attendant on the infinite number of energy patterns.

The entire unfolding and interaction in evolution of everything is informed by all karmic propensities (incomplete experiences ) and obscures and maintains ‘unrealized ‘cyclical patterns of chase-grasping and aversion-avoidance.

Every time you choose to allow the difficulties to surface….you actively and gradually are allowing the sensory integration to take place as it creates the necessary space to heal the brain from these incomplete experiences.

This process of healing speeds up exponentially with the assistance of a loving presence that has traversed the territory. Email me for free introductory material.

Natasha 🌱

#presence #selfinquiry #mindfulness #integration #alchemy #meditation #inspiration #recovery #spiritualintegration #om #addiction #thepointprocess #mentalhealthawareness #depressionhelp #anxietyrelief #compassion #sensoryintegration #success #awakening #spiritualawakening #selfrealization #nonduality #powerofnow #stillness #theocean #balance #stepbystep #encouragement #discovery #explore #integralrecovery #aqal #tao #zen

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