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Friday, November 25, 2016 Time: Doors open @6:30pm. Event runs from 7 pm to 9 pm Location: Empower Health Clinic~ #208, 2555 Commercial Drive Details: Have you been interested in learning more about DMT? What about 5 MEO DMT? If … Continue reading

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Life unfolds effortlessly.  Nonetheless, our visible collective disharmony  remain intact as we have forgotten to attune to our immediate feedback loops.  Our   ideologies obstruct a clear view of our integrated reality and obscure our opportunity. The beauty in nature is … Continue reading

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How is it possible that as a collective we avoid making daily eye contact with the popular practices that undermine all our critical life systems? Our blind spot is the cultured ideals of success.  We have made it a favorite sport to … Continue reading

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“The Malfunctioning Mammal” PTSD – PART 2

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Current research into early trauma origins reveals that untreated trauma inhibits the capacity of the nervous system to function appropriately and also significantly alters brain chemistry. The inquire I have is how does cultured trauma effect the need for stimulation,  productivity, and connection. Is it … Continue reading

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Reclaiming Paradise Part 2

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In the past I have often gotten discouraged when I look at the predicament we are in.  We have been cultured  and educated for aggressive growth strategy. The question that has haunted me again and again, as I look at … Continue reading

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  WHEN BREATH ARRIVES The light shines And strikes the compass Without a dialAn uncoiled rawness Shy and naked Stripped free From the veil Of presumption and imposition As it pierces the violence Of conditioned symbols Upon itself In this … Continue reading

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POEMS by N English

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  PRESENCE. Painting by Natasha English In the quiet stillness The universe speaks Without words   A paradox of un-imposing Gentleness and strength As it obliterates Polarity, falseness and chaos   An uncoiled rawness Shy and naked Stripped free From … Continue reading

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Confidence and freedom

Can actual confidence and freedom exist without understanding inherent wholeness, dignity and value? The culture for profit, as an entity, is sustained by consented dehumanization and is modeled and taught through our educational practices, political practices, and religious practices. These … Continue reading

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Relationship pain and heartache is an opportunity.

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Apparent pain and heartache within your relationship is an evolutionary opportunity.  You are most likely a lovely, empathic, well skilled and bright soul.  Have faith in your inherent  intelligence, skills and aptitudes, natural joys, exuberance and elation. Life is made … Continue reading

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