The economic operating modus within you are a cultured phenomena

Garro 01Be mindful of all business ideology about the value of resource extraction and the value of your personal productivity as it has a green design flaw of efficiency that sadly maintains reckless economic growth for the sake of consumption. Our for profit ideologies and economies are killing us and the critical life systems we depend upon.

The economic operating modus within you are a cultured phenomena and a generational unseen monster. It ensures your daily commitment and compliance to maintain scheduled productivity through conditioned self policing to grow your cultured sensibilities for profit, financial equitability, ideological safety through purchasing power, and drives the hungry inner ghost toward reckless consumption.

It is a brilliantly designed system to ensure and maintain productivity as it is self regulated by every un-met and unseen need for safety, love, belonging, acceptance, approval, and thrives on our ambitious desires for status, admiration, and specialness. For our collective survival we need to emerge a clear understanding about simple, free and accessible healing modalities and support centers that are essential to soften the restless wanderer in us that is still stuck in productivity and production that is driven by economic profit and our unseen need for acceptance and approval.

We have cultured blind-spots of stickiness from unprocessed grief, guilt, shame, fear, derived from a generational web of lies, as we seek to prove our wholeness, dignity, and value by self policing to measure up to the unexamined false holy grail of efficient and measured productivity whilst craving for more consumption. These blind-spots are visible through our cultured symptomatic behavior as we have lost a clear and practical understanding of what constitute essential nurture to satiate essential embodied grounding in the very early years of development. Without these essentials we become predictable and emotionally crippled as we lack in sensory integration and clarity of being. We will live on the surface through our habituated thoughts and emotions, easily manipulated by fear for our survival as we are suspicious and feel threatened by unaccustomed differences in life, ethics, values, and productivity. We go to war against ourselves and each others to prove our worth, value, specialness as we seek for safety.

Embodied mentors are rare as many veteran performers do not know what it is do be satiated by deep loving nurture. To be driven by unexamined productivity for results alone is often the very model we are first introduced to and taught by parents and educators. Few have been nurtured to trust and presence into the creative flux and flow from the embodied and coherent heart. We are cattled for GNP and reinforced through media by our individual and collective blind-spots.

How do we engage best practice and coherent compassion as we address core wounds and attune to align immediate sensory dissonance individually and collectively. We have been have been cultured to avoid and escape our dissonance through emotional Houdini’s as we abdicate the immediate attunement to sensory feedback .

Our battle scars are visible through our reactivity, doubt, and distrust. We are simply longing to be received and seen as we are, ‘exclusive’ of current paradigm of measured productivity and fiscal projections.

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About n h english

Natasha English is a Transpersonal / Nondual Therapist with a private practice in West Vancouver, BC. Since 2007 she has taken a psychosomatic approach to healing and personal development.
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