LUV IS … POSSIBLE … and LUV can not be economized.

MELT, a painting by the beloved Robert Venosa

MELT, a painting by the beloved Robert Venosa

When wholeness, dignity and value are recognized intrinsically in life, as u r, LUV is possible as the monetized systems begin to crumble within you.

Our culture is organized for measured productivity and services.   Systemically ‘productivity’ is now valued over life and simple connections. Extraction , production , consumption, and obsolescence for financial gain at any cost, as it is perceived as our security, are the conditioned and habituated blind spot within us.  We all have been breastfed to value industry, within and without, before the preciousness of life itself. 

When our place is experienced as secure in this current model we do not examine the actual cost of maintaining growing profit before growing people. Our current system of exchange can not be maintained without designed scarcity and designed obsolesce.   This model enforces and excludes so many people from meaningful participation, connection and community. It also maintains usury and enforces systems of cruelty upon other species.   Everyday we engage with this system “we are the very instruments that  maintains it” as our participation enforce this disparity all around us.

 Culture have have been conditioned and framed to focus on future goals and productivity before establishing each and everyone in their innate holistic autonomy, as we are taught to march on and ignore somatic dissonance in early life. Toughen up, be a man, not a wuzzy!

An 11 year old in Norway wrote a most pointed song about this. She expressed how life is only good on the weekend as she feels her life from Monday to Friday is stressful and disconnected .

Humanity and earths resources are farmed stock to grow the Economic monster at ANY COST under the guise that GNP is an indicator of health and wellness. Financial status is used as a justified and verifiable tool to assess wholeness, dignity, and value.  It maintains systemic entitlement by enforcers of governance to a presumptive OVERVIEW. These agencies and their agents are taught that it is their work responsibility and duty to enforce actions to alienate, demean, and exclude, in the name of capitalistic and social justice.

When we recognize and consolidate each and every being as having innate wholeness, dignity, and value, and worthy of food, shelter, safety, love, belonging, and acceptance, ‘exclusive of production,’ peace on earth and systemic sustainability, becomes possible!

In my own process, as I began to relax into the body I gradually stopped abdicating my natural beingness for the stupidity and cruelty of farming my energy for profit. I had been conditioned to forget I had access to an interconnect immediate wisdom. This access point is my  heart, nonetheless my thoughts and emotions obscured this.  Deep childhood pain, grief, sadness and fear had me looking outward to find meaning and gain understanding.  

In the end  my cultured ideologies and beliefs where stripped away through open ended  inquiry and deduction. What was left was an empty vastness that was experienced as a black hole of nothingness.  This hole, as I simply sat with it over the years, progressed from terrifying emotional loneliness into wholeness. This void was safe to fully experience.  It taught me to rest, breath, and presence into my body, without needing the maps of comfort, easily visible in our meaning making.  Slowly I began to recognize the embodied, fluid, and connected heart as my guide. 

In these simple sittings, with life as I am, I began to presence into all emotional pain and began to recognize that my pain was the product of early sensory confusion. In the process I became  conscious of all that was given by nature and natural rest, I began to recognize self doubt as the very VEIL that obscured the forgotten truth of my being.  Life is now simple. Love is known , as I am, a responsive clear and free, awareness engaged in sharing, caring, and creating  from given aptitudes that I continue to develop and expand with life itself.


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About n h english

Natasha English is a Transpersonal / Nondual Therapist with a private practice in West Vancouver, BC. Since 2007 she has taken a psychosomatic approach to healing and personal development.
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2 Responses to LUV IS … POSSIBLE … and LUV can not be economized.

  1. Darcy says:

    I have been experiencing the absolute nothingness you described for many years now I was wondering how it started to change for you?


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