Unsustainable practices informed by created scarcity

Organizations of the future will aim to be sustainable through action that grow & nurture people into their highest innately aligned action potential. Unsustainable practices are life currency unseen and undervalued.   Unsustainable practices are the greatest wastage.


Current economic fiscal data is derived from habituated unconscious patterns informed by old stories of scarcity that are continuously feeding unsustainable practices of exchange and usury.

Fiscal data is a Cretan maze of unconscious and habituated ‘blinding’ patterns (stories of scarcity we have come to believe in) projected onto life arising. Fiscal data is an effective chaos machine designed to divide and conquer through effective instant ‘fearful ‘ meaning making.

The many old stories of implied and intentionally created scarcity are feeding  our current fiscal paradigms .The thinker, you and I, most often identifies with a filter, a pre-sold story, to inform the random uncertainty of reality with certainty.  The thinker, you and I, become seduced and un-able to see reality; as we are busy processing, comparing and analyzing old data.

The thinking mind is a barrier when it is seduced, intoxicated, identified, and in constant meaning making, chasing down by OLD STORIES and PARADIGMS.


You and I have a simple opportunity, to pause & presence, and a chance to observe what is, without needing to immediately inform meaning to what is arising. We can choose to presence into the possibility together.  We can choose to inspire and nurture a new model of exchange that honors and respects our natural resources.

We can inform and create a sustainable model that can adapt and attune to flexible ‘flow’ practices. To engage an exchange practice that is sustainable for both you and me.  To create a new sustainable model of exchange, where all life currency is fully seen and valued, where everyone has the possibility and opportunity to be continuously inspired and nurture into their fullest potential.

A new triple plus exchange model, that’s invested in 100% possibilities, participation and engagement. Today we have the wisdom to GROW PROFIT SUSTAINABLY by observing and honoring ‘life currency’ in all people and grow shared profit models!



About n h english

Natasha English is a Transpersonal / Nondual Therapist with a private practice in West Vancouver, BC. Since 2007 she has taken a psychosomatic approach to healing and personal development.
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