Relaxed and responsive to life emerging as is.

Life is emerging in and around you.  It is always intimate and direct within your awareness. This ‘immediate’ access and possible engagement with life is often not seen, received and reaped.


From an early you have been imprinted and taught a plethora of maps about reality.  You have been conditioned to deduce reality, in nano seconds, from a partial aspect of your multi-dimensional intelligence.  Humanity have been taught and immersed into defined maps of reality that cripples our potential  .

These ‘incomplete’ maps are offered to assist us in developing, interpreting and organizing what we are feeling and seeing. These maps are many , and they propose to cover the whole spectrum of human development.

You are daily exposed to these maps.  They are mental, emotional, sexual, spiritual, physical, interpersonal, social and financial maps etc..  These maps suggest to you what is deemed to be individually and collectively desired , what is culturally preferred, and they suggest a variety of optimal outcomes.  The maps are continuously reinforced in all our collective stories and media.


It is essential to notice that all these many maps of reality, you were given, are all designed with a preference to outcome. The maps are designed to guide what you dream, what you pursue, what you seek and what you aim for. They are easily seen, as they are designed to teach strategy and responsibility toward any and all outcomes.  These maps, informed by ideas, concepts and believes about life, have become our blindspot.  These partial and incomplete attempts at reality map making,  disconnects us from intimately receiving, responding, and  seeing life as is.


We have been collective taught and cultured to systemically analyze, deduce and differentiate what we are observing about life towards set outcomes.  Our mind and emotions are sorting and file incoming information, in nano seconds.  All our maps have been designed with preference to outcomes. This is our biggest collective blindspot. We are seeing what we desire to see. We are looking to predict for patterns and certainty, in what is and remains unknown.


The many mental and emotional maps we have about reality is sustained by a variety of ideas, concepts and believes about what we think and feel is reality itself.  These many maps we hold of reality inform a ‘complex & enclosed,’ Cretan maze, of narrow and limited possibilities and outcomes.


When you become present with life as it is, in you, through simply breathing and presencing into life, you start to observe and notice your own preferential structures and wishful thinking for outcomes.  It the silent space, between our conditioned thinking and feeling, we can start to awaken to what has been unseen. The seed of life, the wholeness unseen and unborn, become visible in you.

When the source of the seeking for meaning making and analyzing is seen, we start to rest and receive the limitless ‘seed potential’ within us.   We can begin to receive life in the rawness of unfolding. This opens up an opportunity to connect, receive and become responsive to the seed, the very boundless nature of life,  emerging effortlessly within you. It is the pathless path. You are empty and alone, the seed becomes the light onto itself.   In this intimate direct process life sees itself in the eyes of the other in truth ,tenderness and possibilities.

About n h english

Natasha English is a Transpersonal / Nondual Therapist with a private practice in West Vancouver, BC. Since 2007 she has taken a psychosomatic approach to healing and personal development.
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