Awareness is Always Looking at Itself

The following are observations of awareness:

Awareness is the canvas of life

Essence, life force, is doing awareness training, wholeness is within.

Wholeness is a saturation of all polarities harmonized and realized as integrated within and visible without.

Wholeness is a centering and a holding of all parts without prejudice.

All sustainable expansion points to alignment and dissonance points to the need for surrender of false perceptions.

A facilitator is a signpost pointing to the wholeness forgotten.  Awareness is looking at itself, but it has been conditioned to see in parts.

When awareness remembers all energetic flow within it surrender to its fullness, as awareness is integrated when it receives and sees itself .

Awareness is disconnected from itself; when the seeing is obstructed by conditioned referential lenses of a segregated reality in ‘selfing.’

‘Selfing’ is immersed in the game, and the ‘selfing’ parameters will always be you and you alone. You are the wave surfing in and as the wetness.

Essence will do you effortlessly upon surrender, and the selfing that resides in seeking and grasping will gradually drop away, and a clear, direct an integrated understanding will emerge.

Awareness in selfing observes, thinks and projects an understanding of a territory, but has not walked through the gateless gate.

Awareness can only be integrated, and will always manifest the unique qualities of the pointed body /mind expression.

Focus awareness, presence, and surrender to the unfolding of wholeness seen within. Surrender and relax into the fullness, and let the fullness hold and caress U, and know yourself as one with it.

Observe the flow of the phenomenal world in its integrated and harmonized wholeness. Gradually awareness will stop doubting and clearly see the selfing for what it is.

Receive life, in any which way, with open arms.  Stay empty in wholeness without  projection and behold your own true face.

Wherever you are, there you are, stop and surrender to not knowing, and the natural rhythm of total participation will arise and flow.  The alignment invigorates the body mind mechanism.

Trans-personal communication arises naturally when the quality of transparency fully integrated and harmonized. Transparency is a prerequisite for the transpersonal and is the gatekeeper to the gateless gate.

© n.h.english

Know by Eric Gross

* that you were conceived in perfection.* that you are a sacred being.

* that you never came here to prove yourself.

* that your birth is all the proof you will ever need.

* that your parents were not equipped to accept you exactly as you are.

* that, as a result, they used fear, coercion, manipulation and force to mold you into the being they thought you should be.

* that you may not be able to be yourself as you truly are, for you have absorbed those projections, a belief that without them you are never enough

* that love, belonging, and acceptance is a birth right and never needs to be earned.

* that the Power that created you created the mountains and the oceans.

* that the only meaning Life possesses is for you to get in touch with your wholeness and express and share your love and joy of that discovery

* that we live in a time where the foundations of this culture don not inherently know and practice this truth, and instead we have come to believe our reality as segregated, and not always integrated, where we perpetuate individual and collective fear about not being enough, and not having enough.

* that Fear is a dissonance that makes this time unique and also provides a wonderful opportunity as well as to make it such a challenge.

* that our false identity of selfing is built on a foundation where we have been conditioned to believe we must first become something to be enough, have enough, and have worthiness

* that our false identity is built on a foundation where we have doubted and failed to accept our inherent worthiness

* that this Fear is conditioned and passed through the generations.

* that the root of Fear is Invalidation.

* that we are healed through understanding

* that the root of Invalidation is the failure to see the inherent perfection and miracle in ourselves and hold it as a legacy of knowing for every man, woman, and child.

* that our individual and collective dissonance, visible through pain and suffering is the systemic feedback loops of opportunity to attune and better align our individual and collective choices to knowing this wholeness as unquestioned

* that together we can reverse the legacy of Invalidation.

* that this reversal arouses Authentic Compassion and Clear Seeing of the miracle of life!

About n h english

Natasha English is a Transpersonal / Nondual Therapist with a private practice in West Vancouver, BC. Since 2007 she has taken a psychosomatic approach to healing and personal development.
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