The POINT Process

The Point Process  is a direct and non judgmental embodied practice  to unwind  daily habituated patterns and conditioning that  creates suffering . It models simple and effective  strategies.

Through self-awareness, we learn to embrace and trust the parts of ourselves that we experience as unsafe. We explore the maladaptive behavioral patterns and the mental and emotional narratives which we have created that contribute to our own suffering.

Come and explore a simple and direct process, if…

– you do not want to be overwhelmed, or paralyzed by the intensity of your feelings, but stand solid in the whirl;

– you want to make peace with how you feel and find nourishment in your emotions, whether they be positive or negative.

– you have had enough of the seemingly compulsory “keep smiling” attitude.

Begin to understand you are not one with your emotions. Your emotions are visitors: they come and go. If you allow for darkness, light will naturally follow.
  • Learn to pause punishing self-blame ;
  • Acquire a balanced attitude towards your emotions;
  • Understand a simple direct process that can support you in challenging times.

I offer my services for:

– individuals wanting to live effectively and authentically with their emotional ups-and-downs;

– business professionals working under a lot of stress, wanting to preserve their mental, emotional and physical health, wanting to avoid burnout.

sweet-spot-vennNatasha English is a Mindfulness -Transpersonal – Point Process Therapist with a private practice in West Vancouver, BC.  Since 2007 she has taken a psychosomatic approach to healing and personal development.

To book appointment /s (Skype or in person), send an email to:

Please provide details of you preferable days and time.

5 sessions  $675.00

10 sessions  $1250.00

Each session is 1.5 hr. in length.

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