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Awakening into realized nonduality.

A Life Lived with Courage to See the Unseen

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“The word courage comes from the latin root cor, which means heart, so courageous means to live with the heart. The way of the heart is the way of courage. It is to live in insecurity; it is to live … Continue reading

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The pond of spiritual superficial mush

If you find this infor­ma­tion help­ful, con­sider donating. Much criticism today within spiritual circles are directed at the diversity of spiritual expression as being somehow deficient and found lacking in substance.  What is interesting to observe is the flow of … Continue reading

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Awareness is always embedded in a triple + exchange to know itself without content.

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If you find this information helpful, consider donating! This blog is a direct expression about the process of harvesting (openly receiving what is) and releasing all, mental, emotional, physical expansions and the contractions to move unto alignment and flow with … Continue reading

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The dance of free awareness as it informs visible reality.

October 2010. How does the creative impulse as awareness manifest in visible reality? We know that we have been educated to count on and value consistency  informed by productive doing,  as it apparently pays off, but is it true?  If … Continue reading

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