The dance of free awareness as it informs visible reality.

October 2010.

How does the creative impulse as awareness manifest in visible reality? We know that we have been educated to count on and value consistency  informed by productive doing,  as it apparently pays off, but is it true?  If this is not true,   what is the true cost vs. profit  if we are counter productive to ourselves as source of origin. Could it be possible that our fundamental assumptions about what we perceive as real, and projected as known reality, is perpetuated by an error of emission?

Productivity informed by awareness, tagged as self awareness,  informed as a segregated doer in reality might appear profitable individually and collectively at the onset to society that measures productivity in pay checks and accumulation of currency and things.  This is not a deficiency observation, but rather an inquiry into a possible process for better alignment to an always integrated reality.  It is an invitation to engage awareness, tagged as you,  to explore itself by examining impressions what it thinks and feels is real.  To engage a process of elimination, what can you know as true for sure.

From observation it is certain that the feedback loops of contractions such as pain, doubt, fear and suffering,be they individual or collective, are the appropriate motivational tools for delayed response to  our evolutionary lack of willingness to attune to our opportunity for learning.  Awareness is looking at itself in a hall of mirrors.

Awareness experience its’ first contractions in early childhood, when food, shelter, love, belonging, and acceptance is withheld  and not assured.  Through a process of consistent impressions, the mind / body mechanism will deduce a pattern that can possibly inform a perception of reality that is inherently false and projects a segregated interpretation of reality to incoming information.  Through persistent false impressions awareness contracts and is tagged as self awareness, a self assigned misnomer.  Awareness, now identified as self,   will re-discover what it is by exploring and understanding the always integrated ‘Absolute Nature of Reality,’through systemic feedback.

At the start of every morning where does the impulse that propel your doing originate from?  Is it the combination of mind and emotions that are synthesizing a list of options from past and incoming data?  Is it fear of being without? Have you ever examined what it could possibly be?

Something  is always happening, but where is it all coming from?  From observation, through the lens of this pointed awareness, there are infinite complex algorithms at play that are interacting and manifesting visible reality as you know it.  There are qualities that inform parts, parts which a form patterns, patterns which inform larger patterns, and these patterns chart the codes of our evolution.  Infinite is the possibility for alignments between parts to sustain cooperation and collaboration, a nested symbiosis informing visible reality in both directions. A manifest dance as a poetry of parts informing the grandaddy of all algorithms the poetry of codes. 

Awareness has collected  infinite maps in its attempt to observe and understand reality through lenses segregated from itself.   These many complex qualities of one being inform and propel principles of action that inspire and exhaust all possibilities for form, and dances in and through form as a non descript united awareness.  These complex processes of parts as awareness gets tagged personal.  Maybe all apparent play in a perceived dualistic reality is for the designed purpose of evolving matter into conscious being as realized free awareness.

About n h english

Natasha English is a Transpersonal / Nondual Therapist with a private practice in West Vancouver, BC. Since 2007 she has taken a psychosomatic approach to healing and personal development.
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