The Economy of Culture by Machiavellian Design


A freedom culture is open and receptive, and requires a tenderness to truth in ourselves for it to be born and mature into a uniquely confident and sustainable expression. In the process you become a lone wolf as you pop out of all the structures you have been taught. This process is challenging and often lonely until you discover spaciousness and comfort in your inherent stillness . ‘n’
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Culture is used by political Machiavellian cleverness to create artificial boundaries between peoples. Culture by design is a form of agreed coercion for conformity, a creation to secure entitlement, property, profit, and specialness.  As an entity CULTURE is often a SACRED COW unexamined.

A culture by unsustainable design will leverage man against man where your inherent value and merit is non-existent until it is proven through educational achievement, productivity, and conformity to collective admonished beliefs.

  • These unexamined practices and their systems are re-enforced by politicians, teachers, judges, and the pulpit.
  • They are sacred cows by ‘cultural design’ to maintain power, profit, superiority, and specialness through artificial boundaries.
  • They are sustained by idolized beliefs and corporate clever complexity to maintain ‘global’ usury and division of people, nations, and natural resources for profit.
  • They  are visible through an economy of unsustainable practices for profit through unexamined productivity, as the fixated idea of self are always trying to prove specialness to feel and think itself adequate, sufficient , loveable, worthy, and valuable as a contributor.

Any manipulation and complexity looting of your inherent creative freedom and unique artful expression are only possible when you do not fully comprehend your human wholeness, dignity & value!

A CULTURE BY MACHIAVELLIAN DESIGN: You have been cultured when you presume to know something that gives you the artificial entitlement through assumptions to label,  demean, diminish, and undermine the unique expression observed in your other.

A FREEDOM  CULTURE: A healthy culture is open and receptive to flux and flow and makes room for  new expressions to emerge that examines and values  creative action through new form. It is not fixated on maintaining a  status quo as it is not fearful of the uncertain and unknown ‘life as is.’

ABOUT A FREEDOM ECONOMY:  Many groups today express that they desire to make a move to a healthy and sustainable economy. Nonetheless, in reality when the habituated Machiavellian machine for profit, within you, is not seen, no lasting change is possible.

Freedom economy is a phenomena that happens when a realized awareness ask what are the true cost of these unexamined mechanisms and motives within ourselves that lives for profit, property, entitlement, and specialness!

These mechanisms for unexamined profit are taught, cultured, habituated, and maintain all insidious practices of usury, unsustainable productivity, theft, consumerism, and craving for specialness.  It is this internal machine for unexamined productivity and profit that is killing us and our critical life systems.

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About n h english

Natasha English is a Transpersonal / Nondual Therapist with a private practice in West Vancouver, BC. Since 2007 she has taken a psychosomatic approach to healing and personal development.
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