Relax into being!

Relax into being!

There so much depth and beauty to your being, much more than you realize. You have been taught and conditioned to live on the surface structures of what you think and feel you are, but there is so much more to you than meets the eye. You are a universe complete and whole unto yourself. Your source origin, is alive and well, and you have simply forgotten your infinite and boundless nature.

We are often resistant to taking a look at areas of our lives, that seem broken, yet often these areas have the most potential for payback and reward. Our day to day life can be received in its entirety when our immediate responses are recognized as a window of opportunity. The subtle contractions and expansions are the opportunity, an intimate ripeness, that puts you in direct contact with your core disassociation for core alignment. You can relax your identity labels and open up to life, without clinging and resisting to an outcome, allowing reality to unfold without interference.

As your awareness expands to include the totality of who and what you are, you begin to recognize what was always here. You attune to the challenges of life with greater insight, as you recognize them to be the golden nuggets to move into greater depth, clarity and joy. You will discover your being as a reservoir of limitless potential in connection to the whole of life.

You are the divine mystery, source origin, awakening into ‘Consciousplay’ in form.

About n h english

Natasha English is a Transpersonal / Nondual Therapist with a private practice in West Vancouver, BC. Since 2007 she has taken a psychosomatic approach to healing and personal development.
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