KARMAGEDDON, Part 1, Gurus and Pundits

Bagahvan DasKarmageddon is a personal examination of the spiritual journey featuring 1960s counter-culture icon and chanter Bhagavan Das and Jeff Brown, former lawyer turned spiritual author.

“Any teachings of enlightenment or self-realization as a onetime event or a lasting and permanent state or experience is an erroneous concept.  Yesterday’s realization is not a bit of good – it is dead, it has lost its vitality. It is useless to try and cling to or hold onto an insight, understanding, or realization, for only in its movement can ever-fresh and new insights of truth or reality appear. “ Sailor Bob Adamson

This documentary makes for an interesting dialogue as an integrated awakening is rare occurrence indeed.  Karmageddon makes the pitfalls of the spiritual journey in search of enlightenment visible.

Reality is a shock when you get real with it. There is nothing for you and I to hold onto. We break in every which way to all ideals, beliefs and concepts in search of what this is. This becomes intensely apparent in Jeff’s journey in the movie Karmageddon.

Many gurus and pundits claim they stand free, clear and aware of all conditioning.  Nonetheless, most that make this claim is rarely integrated!  Is it truly a possibility to stand free, clear and aware of the many gross, subtle and causal lines and levels in the Pandora’s box of the subconscious?   And is our subconscious personal, or is it possibly ‘the noosephere’ the impersonal network made personal by the adaptation of the ego.

A teacher may have a cognitive understanding concerning the Cretan maze of mental, emotional and instinctual constructs, nonetheless this understanding of the mechanism of the body/ mind connection does not equate to that an integrated awareness is operational in the teacher!  A rational seeing of mental, emotional and instinctual conditioning and programming are not synonymous with awakening, but many teachers ‘think/ feel’ it is!!

What can be helpful in simplifying this complexity is the AQAL integral map and spiral dynamics map, as long as the user refers to these as a maps, as they are maps and not the territory.

Life is truly a journey of uncertainties. You and I have a simple opportunity, to pause and presence, and a chance to observe life as it is, without needing to immediately inform meaning to what is arising. We can choose to presence into the possibility together.

This article is followed by KARMAGEDDON, Part 2,  Pathos & Polarity:

The Need for Belonging, Specialness & Adoration


About n h english

Natasha English is a Transpersonal / Nondual Therapist with a private practice in West Vancouver, BC. Since 2007 she has taken a psychosomatic approach to healing and personal development.
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