Heart centered awareness


Heart centered awareness is  known as embodied beingness or integrated awareness.  It is also expressed as the philosophers stone, and also as 11.11.11.

From an integrated awareness there are no judgments, labels, or yardsticks used to qualify the visible path of another.  Similarly, there is no fear, sadness, sense of loss, or false perception of so-called failure perceived in oneself.  Reality is received in and through us just as it is in every form it takes.  Life is seen as an opportunity to learn and explore in every which way it arrives in every new day arising.

 This process of receiving life in its entirety is not at all as easy as it sounds.  There are constant movements within our individual perceptions wherein we are confronted with internal constructs (beliefs, ideas, and concepts), recognizeable in every story.  These constructs are the structures that filter reality and create resistance to life as it is unfolding.  They are the very stories that make up the imagined perceptions of self and others.

These beliefs, ideas, and concepts create struggles that are unique to each and everyone of us as we come face to face with our own projected fears and perceived limitations.  They become visible through the stories we tell ourselves.  These internal struggles, we all share, are opportunities to connect with the grounded beingness, united in awareness, inside each of us.  The core being you are does not require a set story to be and to receive and to trust life as it is flowing in and through you or the other.

This continuous integration processes is ongoing in everyone and proceeds in each individual in their own time.  What’s energetically required is simply the ability to FEEL, SENSE and PERCEIVE life as it us emerging and unfolding in and through us through presencing to what is naturally arising.

To feel, sense, and perceive life as it is without editing is challenging, as we have so many filters subconsciously employed to avoid feeling and sensing deeply all together.  It takes courage and vigilance to discover where we have fled from fear of experiencing core rejection, by feeling that we are inadequate, unworthy, and insufficiently equipped for life in its entirety.

 By simply breathing and presencing into this process that lives us we learn to see anew and we evolve out of a polarized dualistic reality.   Previous engagements with egoic comparisons, egoic assumptions, egoic self referencing to being better than a perceived other becomes old and passé.

What remains is a unified awareness that is received and flows through an integrated heart based awareness.  This unified awareness sees clearly the infinite plays that are possible but no longer has any preference or expectation of what life needs to conform to, to be received in its entirety.

The clear seeing of this is a process of learning that is hardwired into your being.  It lives you from the inside out, and what is reassuring is that you can not fail, avoid, or fall short of this process.  It is always perfect in and through you.

To truly find life you must release the life always known and discover there are no deficiencies, only this loving heart raw and open in learning.

What is valued and supported in a culture grows there.

“The word courage comes from the latin root cor, which means heart, so courageous means to live with the heart. The way of the heart is the way of courage. It is to live in insecurity; it is to live in love, and trust; it is to move in the unknown. It is leaving the past and allowing the future to be. Courage is to move on dangerous paths.”(the Rebel)

About n h english

Natasha English is a Transpersonal / Nondual Therapist with a private practice in West Vancouver, BC. Since 2007 she has taken a psychosomatic approach to healing and personal development.
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