How trauma obscure the healing potential

Part 1

Obscuration of Trauma

In early life when your raw awareness was informed by incomplete experiences from the absence of love and attachment it created a cyclical energetic self soothing pattern to endure the initial experiential confusion and terror. The residual affect of these initial and subsequent traumas are visible as sensory clenching, contraction, and brain fog .

  • These patterns are repeated until the underlying sensory inflammation ‘cause’( urge, impulse, and movement ) is witnessed and realized by awareness itself.  It’s a process of direct sensory examination.

As such all our early self soothing response pattern arise immediately with this preexisting conditioning , as these energetic sensory patterns (clenching, contraction and confusion) are in nano seconds interpreted as obstacles by the brain when they arise.

In ‘unrealized’ life they create a cyclical pattern of chase-grasping, aversion-avoidance , and brain fog due to the preexisting condition of these very prevailing energy fields that are still maintained by these incomplete experiences and affecting sleep, dream, and waking states.

Nothing in the universe happens by chance or accident. The universe is a coherent concurrence one interaction of innumerable conditions attendant on the infinite number of energy patterns.

The entire unfolding and interaction in evolution of everything is informed by all karmic propensities (incomplete experiences ) and obscures and maintains ‘unrealized ‘cyclical patterns of chase-grasping and aversion-avoidance.

Every time you choose to allow the difficulties to surface….you actively and gradually are allowing the sensory integration to take place as it creates the necessary space to heal the brain from these incomplete experiences.

This process of healing speeds up exponentially with the assistance of a loving presence that has traversed the territory. Email me for introductory material.

With Love,


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