The seed carried by the wind

We have many different workshops and presentations available that range in 2-6 hours or days.  Please contact for more information.  Below is a selection of presentations.

PSYCHEDELIC PSYCHOTHERAPY: Tools To Transcend Old Paradigms (2 HR) $300.00

Have you been interested in learning more about DMT? What about 5 MEO DMT? If so, you may be interested in the educational event we are offering!

Details: If you heard stories about a compound that can provide you the understanding to tease apart the blind-spots you have assumed about yourself and reality, would you suspend your disbelief and take it?

In this open talk Natasha English will offer insights and groundbreaking applications with this endogenous medicine. This Entheogen is a chemical compound that serves a specific function in our body, and it must be used with great care under appropriate, prep, set, setting. We will discuss the various practices around the world with this medicine, and how we both discovered our unique methods of working with the 5 Me0 Dmt.

Since this compound has now found it’s way into popular culture, we have a responsibility to educate others about using the medicine in a conscious way. Without proper guidance, it opens people up to the possibility of danger and or harm. This event is to provide conscious support and guidance with working with these medicines.

Tryptamines have again emerged as drug candidates for managing treatment of anxiety, clinical depression, cluster headaches and substance abuse disorders. Pharmacological studies are essential to tryptamine drug development to allow researchers to better understand the therapeutic efficacy of natural tryptamines, like psilocybin and DMT’s, and their synthetic analogs in treating disease.

One of these tryptamines is an extremely powerful neurotransmitter that produces radical transformation in perception. While this medicine is is often spoken about as being “magical,” it is not a “magic bullet.” This medicine allows for the opportunity to truly get beyond the confines of your ego to examine the mental and emotional habituated patterns and assumed misconceptions we cling to, as you encounter yourself in your immediate and infinite nature.

Sustainable practice (2 HR) $300.00

A successful practice is essential. Without this clarity, a commitment becomes difficult.

The POINT Process  is a direct  way to apply the Neuroscience of Success . It models simple strategies based on cutting edge brain science and psychological principals guaranteed to get you into recognizing your opportunity.

Our mind can fuel our addictions and negative behaviors or become a tool to our wholeness. Discover how your mind works and have a new insight for success that creates competency by understanding the edges that informs clarity of being.

Invalidation (2 HR) $300.00
In our early formative years we were in incubators of learning.

The challenge is that every child that arrives into this world is at the mercy of the cultural environment they are born into.  If we have any intelligence at all, it will become visible through our tenderness to life, as we may choose to love ourselves, in our shared mire and brokenness.

We must examine our own concepts and beliefs, if we are so inspired to uncoil our own false misconceptions about reality.

Practice and Spiritual Addictions (2 HR) $300.00
Much criticism today within spiritual circles are directed at the diversity of spiritual expression as being somehow deficient and found lacking in substance.  What is interesting to observe is the flow of criticism that claims to be impartial and free of egoic categorization.

Every human being is steeped in interior complexity through socialization and conditioning that creates universes all until themselves.  We all journey from complexity to simplicity, as we presence into the edges of our personal dissonance, embracing our innate wholeness, a genuine acceptance of life as it is in us and with both feet on the ground.


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