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Authentic awakening is when chase and aversion has come to an end. Ultimately the seeker disappears. The egoic movement is always seeking for a desired state of consciousness through chasing peak experiences for pleasure, revelation, and identification. The ego exist … Continue reading

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Our egoic identity is the greatest knot of all, as behind every fear there is an energetic knot. Our egoic sense of self is the biggest knot unseen, as it is a contraction masking as self. Everything the ego does … Continue reading

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When I was a young girl I saw posters around describing the ideas of what ‘Love is……!’ There is generous room for every idea we dream and create about what love is….! To many; the constant thinking, feeling, dreaming, and … Continue reading

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Examine the real ‘cost to benefit’ of your dreams, productivity and consumerism!

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We have yet to understand , as a larger culture, that productivity should be geared toward expanding collective BENEFITS in building people, education and health services for larger society, and to to say no to productivity and production of shit … Continue reading

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OBSERVATION: The Inner Storm

I was caught in the inner and outer storm and I was broken, and I was blinded by my own thought and emotions…unable to see and attune to the daily whispers from REALITY, THE UNSEEN BELOVED, until the falseness came … Continue reading

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REALITY is not interested in what U think, as what you think is not what you are. The truth of you is a paradox beyond mind and emotions. This truth only become visible when we drop all perceptions of what … Continue reading

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YES, life is an intimate sharing of moments arising, it is the love visible between parts, that do not conform to story, but instead surrenders to the Hidden harmony! LIFE IS NOT LOGICAL Life is not confined to the logical, … Continue reading

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Reflections about the cool chill: Ruthless Truth Nexus

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At the center of your ORIGIN is the always cool chill.  It is a freedom that is neither framed into something, or a freedom framed away from something.  It is a simple, direct and transparent interaction with life…as life…. unto … Continue reading

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The spiritual art of negation

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The spiritual path is the art of negation.  When you start do not make the mistake of not going…all the way, and know that…where you are there you are! Here, you will discover that the world is not in your … Continue reading

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TRUTH REALIZATION IS not a state of awareness, or consciousness. TRUTH REALIZATION IS is not in your heart or mind. TRUTH REALIZATION IS is further. TRUTH REALIZATION IS is in the unknowing. No belief is true. Truth is dissolution. There … Continue reading

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