‘Cold empathy’ and ‘Innate warm empathy.’

alex grey the risingAs an emerging global culture we have become masterful at disconnection through the means of competition for survival and belonging. At the far end of the spectrum I see a clear difference between ‘cold empathy’ and ‘innate warm empathy’. Our culture is a natural breeding ground for ‘cold empathy’ and the below pathologies.

Cold empathy is best demonstrated through the visible pathology in sensitive intuitives, and they are more and more common; such as psychopathy, border-liner,  and narcissism disorders, as they have mapped out moods and emotion for effect, and have no or minimal ability for empathic emotional arousal, resonance and recognition! In ‘cold empathy’ people become instruments for self gratification (their ideas of altruism included.)

Cold empathy seem actually more equipped for survival, today, than a person that models and acts from innate warm empathy.

‘Warm empathy’ have an ability to have immediate access to the meridians, in flux & flow, in the zero point field (connecting to perceived other), nonetheless; often the ‘the thinking and feeling’ mind will rationalize the immediate instant feedback away, and make justification for ‘lack of action’ for other.

We have created a culture where we distrust innate ‘warm empathy’ and it has become culturally acceptable to divert to ‘cold empathy,’ i.e; I will assess and qualify your apparent and immediate need, as I have to qualify and justify if I am actually doing the right thing, through a process of in-tuned & attuned assessment. A process that necessitates an intimate and responsive attunement that we are not even mature enough to due for ourselves, yet we assume we are perfectly equipped to do it for others!

‘Warm empathy’ people may be the next extinction! Love, belonging and acceptance are written into your birthright.  Understand what it truly means to love yourself into fullness, and maybe then, there is room enough for other! ❤




Thx to Sam Vaknin for providing insight into this global phenomena.

About n h english

Natasha English is a Nondual / Transpersonal Therapist with a private practice in West Vancouver, BC. Since 2007 she has taken a psychosomatic approach to healing and personal development.
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