The economic operating modus within you are a cultured phenomena

Garro 01Be mindful of all business ideology about the value of resource extraction and the value of your personal productivity as it has a green design flaw of efficiency that sadly maintains reckless economic growth for the sake of consumption. Our for profit ideologies and economies are killing us and the critical life systems we depend upon.

The economic operating modus within you are a cultured phenomena and a generational unseen monster. It ensures your daily commitment and compliance to maintain scheduled productivity through conditioned self policing to grow your cultured sensibilities for profit, financial equitability, ideological safety through purchasing power, and drives the hungry inner ghost toward reckless consumption.

It is a brilliantly designed system to ensure and maintain productivity as it is self regulated by every un-met and unseen need for safety, love, belonging, acceptance, approval, and thrives on our ambitious desires for status, admiration, and specialness. For our collective survival we need to emerge a clear understanding about simple, free and accessible healing modalities and support centers that are essential to soften the restless wanderer in us that is still stuck in productivity and production that is driven by economic profit and our unseen need for acceptance and approval.

We have cultured blind-spots of stickiness from unprocessed grief, guilt, shame, fear, derived from a generational web of lies, as we seek to prove our wholeness, dignity, and value by self policing to measure up to the unexamined false holy grail of efficient and measured productivity whilst craving for more consumption. These blind-spots are visible through our cultured symptomatic behavior as we have lost a clear and practical understanding of what constitute essential nurture to satiate essential embodied grounding in the very early years of development. Without these essentials we become predictable and emotionally crippled as we lack in sensory integration and clarity of being. We will live on the surface through our habituated thoughts and emotions, easily manipulated by fear for our survival as we are suspicious and feel threatened by unaccustomed differences in life, ethics, values, and productivity. We go to war against ourselves and each others to prove our worth, value, specialness as we seek for safety.

Embodied mentors are rare as many veteran performers do not know what it is do be satiated by deep loving nurture. To be driven by unexamined productivity for results alone is often the very model we are first introduced to and taught by parents and educators. Few have been nurtured to trust and presence into the creative flux and flow from the embodied and coherent heart. We are cattled for GNP and reinforced through media by our individual and collective blind-spots.

How do we engage best practice and coherent compassion as we address core wounds and attune to align immediate sensory dissonance individually and collectively. We have been have been cultured to avoid and escape our dissonance through emotional Houdini’s as we abdicate the immediate attunement to sensory feedback .

Our battle scars are visible through our reactivity, doubt, and distrust. We are simply longing to be received and seen as we are, ‘exclusive’ of current paradigm of measured productivity and fiscal projections.



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LUV IS … POSSIBLE … and LUV can not be economized.

MELT, a painting by the beloved Robert Venosa

MELT, a painting by the beloved Robert Venosa

When wholeness, dignity and value are recognized intrinsically in life, as u r, LUV is possible as the monetized systems begin to crumble within you.

Our culture is organized for measured productivity and services.   Systemically ‘productivity’ is now valued over life and simple connections. Extraction , production , consumption, and obsolescence for financial gain at any cost, as it is perceived as our security, are the conditioned and habituated blind spot within us.  We all have been breastfed to value industry, within and without, before the preciousness of life itself. 

When our place is experienced as secure in this current model we do not examine the actual cost of maintaining growing profit before growing people. Our current system of exchange can not be maintained without designed scarcity and designed obsolesce.   This model enforces and excludes so many people from meaningful participation, connection and community. It also maintains usury and enforces systems of cruelty upon other species.   Everyday we engage with this system “we are the very instruments that  maintains it” as our participation enforce this disparity all around us.

 Culture have have been conditioned and framed to focus on future goals and productivity before establishing each and everyone in their innate holistic autonomy, as we are taught to march on and ignore somatic dissonance in early life. Toughen up, be a man, not a wuzzy!

An 11 year old in Norway wrote a most pointed song about this. She expressed how life is only good on the weekend as she feels her life from Monday to Friday is stressful and disconnected .

Humanity and earths resources are farmed stock to grow the Economic monster at ANY COST under the guise that GNP is an indicator of health and wellness. Financial status is used as a justified and verifiable tool to assess wholeness, dignity, and value.  It maintains systemic entitlement by enforcers of governance to a presumptive OVERVIEW. These agencies and their agents are taught that it is their work responsibility and duty to enforce actions to alienate, demean, and exclude, in the name of capitalistic and social justice.

When we recognize and consolidate each and every being as having innate wholeness, dignity, and value, and worthy of food, shelter, safety, love, belonging, and acceptance, ‘exclusive of production,’ peace on earth and systemic sustainability, becomes possible!

In my own process, as I began to relax into the body I gradually stopped abdicating my natural beingness for the stupidity and cruelty of farming my energy for profit. I had been conditioned to forget I had access to an interconnect immediate wisdom. This access point is my  heart, nonetheless my thoughts and emotions obscured this.  Deep childhood pain, grief, sadness and fear had me looking outward to find meaning and gain understanding.  

In the end  my cultured ideologies and beliefs where stripped away through open ended  inquiry and deduction. What was left was an empty vastness that was experienced as a black hole of nothingness.  This hole, as I simply sat with it over the years, progressed from terrifying emotional loneliness into wholeness. This void was safe to fully experience.  It taught me to rest, breath, and presence into my body, without needing the maps of comfort, easily visible in our meaning making.  Slowly I began to recognize the embodied, fluid, and connected heart as my guide. 

In these simple sittings, with life as I am, I began to presence into all emotional pain and began to recognize that my pain was the product of early sensory confusion. In the process I became  conscious of all that was given by nature and natural rest, I began to recognize self doubt as the very VEIL that obscured the forgotten truth of my being.  Life is now simple. Love is known , as I am, a responsive clear and free, awareness engaged in sharing, caring, and creating  from given aptitudes that I continue to develop and expand with life itself.


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"Dawn" by Mark Garro

“Dawn” by Mark Garro

In my heart I have always had a clear picture of you

A subtle stream of information flowing that are not obscured by words

A sensory exchange….obliterating the surface

A knowing that has no map of knowing

It does the curious… all by itself and maintains it…

I feel my heart as your heart


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asi 2 asi4 asi7 asi12 asi14 asi17 asi18 asi24 asi30WHEN BREATH ARRIVES

The light shines

And strikes the compass

Without a dial

An uncoiled rawness

Shy and naked

Stripped free

From the veil

Of presumption and imposition

As it pierces the violence

Of conditioned symbols

Upon itself

In this sacred space

Trust is born

Come forth

The Ancient One ‘as you are’

Images of the elementals captured by Thomas Arthur


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PRINCESS IN WAITING Painting by N. English

Painting by N. English


In the quiet stillness

The universe speaks

Without words


A paradox of un-imposing

Gentleness and strength

As it obliterates

Polarity, falseness and chaos


An uncoiled rawness

Shy and naked

Stripped free

From the veil

Of pretense and imposition.



The light shines

And strikes the compass

Without a dial

As it pierces the violence

And conditioned urgency

Upon itself


In this sacred space

Trust is born

Come forth

The Ancient One ‘as you are.



Spacious, free, and clear

Unknowable and omnipotent

Humbled by the reflection

Of your sacred presence


Welcome to this space

With out violence

As we are One

Without Breath

Without Form


CONTAINED Painting by N. English

Painting by N. English


Your avoidance to being

With reality as is,

Is the violence perpetrated

Against Nature within you

Examine the urge, the impulse, the movement that seeks for experience and satiation.


Listen and attune

To the pain and suffering

Created by your own denial


They are kisses of truth un-realized

From the hidden harmony

Within you

Come as you are


Let the community of stillness

Purge the usury of self and others

Be embraced by the comfort

Of flesh and bones

As self distortions and presumptions drop away



The shy and omnipotent  teacher

Can not be manipulated, coaxed, or cajoled

By usurious intent


The stillness uncoils

Presumptions, urges, impulse, abdication, and avoidance

The insatiable ghost is spinning from fear

The teacher reside as the very stillpoint within you

Rest “as you are”












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The Economy of Culture by Machiavellian Design


A freedom culture is open and receptive, and requires a tenderness to truth in ourselves for it to be born and mature into a uniquely confident and sustainable expression. In the process you become a lone wolf as you pop out of all the structures you have been taught. This process is challenging and often lonely until you discover spaciousness and comfort in your inherent stillness . ‘n’
Photo of Aradia Sunseri

Culture is used by political Machiavellian cleverness to create artificial boundaries between peoples. Culture by design is a form of agreed coercion for conformity, a creation to secure entitlement, property, profit, and specialness.  As an entity CULTURE is often a SACRED COW unexamined.

A culture by unsustainable design will leverage man against man where your inherent value and merit is non-existent until it is proven through educational achievement, productivity, and conformity to collective admonished beliefs.

  • These unexamined practices and their systems are re-enforced by politicians, teachers, judges, and the pulpit.
  • They are sacred cows by ‘cultural design’ to maintain power, profit, superiority, and specialness through artificial boundaries.
  • They are sustained by idolized beliefs and corporate clever complexity to maintain ‘global’ usury and division of people, nations, and natural resources for profit.
  • They  are visible through an economy of unsustainable practices for profit through unexamined productivity, as the fixated idea of self are always trying to prove specialness to feel and think itself adequate, sufficient , loveable, worthy, and valuable as a contributor.

Any manipulation and complexity looting of your inherent creative freedom and unique artful expression are only possible when you do not fully comprehend your human wholeness, dignity & value!

A CULTURE BY MACHIAVELLIAN DESIGN: You have been cultured when you presume to know something that gives you the artificial entitlement through assumptions to label,  demean, diminish, and undermine the unique expression observed in your other.

A FREEDOM  CULTURE: A healthy culture is open and receptive to flux and flow and makes room for  new expressions to emerge that examines and values  creative action through new form. It is not fixated on maintaining a  status quo as it is not fearful of the uncertain and unknown ‘life as is.’

ABOUT A FREEDOM ECONOMY:  Many groups today express that they desire to make a move to a healthy and sustainable economy. Nonetheless, in reality when the habituated Machiavellian machine for profit, within you, is not seen, no lasting change is possible.

Freedom economy is a phenomena that happens when a realized awareness ask what are the true cost of these unexamined mechanisms and motives within ourselves that lives for profit, property, entitlement, and specialness!

These mechanisms for unexamined profit are taught, cultured, habituated, and maintain all insidious practices of usury, unsustainable productivity, theft, consumerism, and craving for specialness.  It is this internal machine for unexamined productivity and profit that is killing us and our critical life systems.

If you connect with  the  content in this article press the top like button and ‘LUV IT FORWARD.

Thx ‘n’

Please contribute your own unique observation in the comment box! Change comes when we let our voices be heard!

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Confidence and freedom


Can actual confidence and freedom exist without understanding inherent wholeness, dignity and value?

 The culture for profit, as an entity, is sustained by consented dehumanization and is modeled and taught through our educational practices, political practices, and religious practices.

 These systems have been designed to rule by complexity and to leverage man against man where your inherent value is non-existent until it is proven through educational merits and productivity. 

 They are sustained by idolized beliefs and masturbating cleverness to maintain ‘global’ usury of people and natural resources for profit.

 These unexamined practices and their systems are re-enforced by politicians, teachers, and the pulpit.  They are sacred cows that rule through inherent complexity to maintain power and profit.

 The daily destruction of your inherent freedom is only possible as it is an insidious ‘complexity’ looting of your human wholeness, dignity & value!

 True freedom, to be open, vulnerable, and receptive, to life as is, unknown and uncertain, in natural flux and flow, requires a personal understanding that accepts and acknowledges inherent wholeness, dignity, and value in yourself and your other.  When this is clearly understood the individual will no longer commit to unsustainable practices and complex paradigm rule of self or other.


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The Dream Catcher Burst by Android Jones

The Dream Catcher Burst by Android Jones

My observation from watching nature is that ‘Awareness’ is born into form with inherent wholeness, dignity and value.

This perfection can not be achieved by improving upon an idea of an imperfect or perfect self as it is an IDEA of a self that is truly none existent outside your thoughts and emotions.

When this is realized,  awareness  starts to rest in the physical form ‘as is’, and gradually ceases to fight with itself and others to prove it has value through productivity and specialness.

Chaos and complexity , within and without, are seen as necessary for play to exist.

How do you take this observation into tangible life solutions?

We are from childhood taught to create, project and edit desirable ideas, stories and beliefs of who we are for effect to fit and position ourselves in a story of self and others.

When the ideas, stories and beliefs we have formulated about our self are seen; the habituated thinking and feeling monkey mind are gradually dropped in attunement to naturally resting in your beingness.

  • You no longer need to defer and check in with an  ‘image’ of yourself before you express, act and engage as your essential nature is recognized as life simply being itself in you as you.
  • There is no longer a need to position yourself for effect as you have no longer a fixated and vested idea of self and others you need to maintain.
  • You start to observe and accept life as you become less and less concerned with evaluating, qualifying, measuring yourself and other.

Life is simply Logos in thesis, antithesis and synthesis. You become intimately responsive, as you are face to face with what life is, ‘complete as you and as other.’ All need to create or identify a story of self or others vanish, as no opposite is identified.

Nature become obvious..when life finally receives itself in form.




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